Find the perfect place to stay!

If you are looking for luxury Costa Rica has TONS of amazing all inclusive resorts.

If you are looking to rental villa for your entire family, you can do that as well.

If you’d like to stay in an affordable hostel and meet other travelers, that is totally possible in Costa Rica.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that your accommodation options in Costa Rica are endless! 

Let’s figure out the best option for you….

Fun Fact

Did you know that Costa Rica is home to the only tree house community in the entire world? It’s true! There are also tons of other unique accommodation options in Costa Rica such as staying on a houseboat, glamping, and more!

Here is a guide to the most unique accommodation options in Costa Rica to help you out!

treehouse costa rica

Costa Rican Hotels

There are so many hotel options in every area of Costa Rica.

Our favorite hotel booking site is Booking.com because a lot of the hotels allow free cancellation until a certain date before your stay. This means that you can book something and if you find better hotel option than you can always cancel your first hotel at no cost. Just keep an eye on when you can cancel until!

Always pay attention to reviews before you book a place.

For more tips on how to book the perfect hotel, check out our guide to hotels in Costa Rica.


Airbnb in Costa Rica

We love Airbnb! Often you can find some very unique places to stay at on Airbnb in Costa Rica. 

Just always read reviews and pay careful attention to the description of the place before booking.

We created a complete guide to Airbnb in Costa Rica to help you out. 

Pro Tip: Many hotels in Costa Rica are also listed on Airbnb under a different name (I think they are not allowed to be on both sites). It doesn’t hurt to check both booking.com and Airbnb for the place you would like to stay. Sometimes the prices can be a bit different for the same exact location. 

Are you new to Airbnb? Grab your $30 discount off of your first stay!

airbnb credit

la fortuna

Travel Tip

Are you planning on traveling with a large group while in Costa Rica? We get it, it’s not the easiest to find accommodations that will please everyone.

We have found that renting a house is often the best way to accommodate a large group of family or friends. That way you can cook your own meals, everyone has their own space, but you can also spend tons of time together.

We have also had luck with renting out a whole small hotel for our family and friends.

For more tips check out our guide to traveling in Costa Rica with a group

Planning Your Costa Rica Honeymoon

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have their honeymoon in paradise? 

We think Costa Rica is the perfect honeymoon destination because there is something for everyone. If you are interested in adventure, Costa Rica has it. If you are interested in relaxing on the beach with a cocktail in your hand, that is possible as well.

When booking your accommodations for your Costa Rica honeymoon it never hurts to inform your hotel that it is your honeymoon. Sometimes they will offer special deals or you may even get free upgrade. 

For more tips check out our guide to planning honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Hotel Tip

Planning a last minute trip to Costa Rica does not have to mean spending more money. It is definitely possible to get some great last minute hotel deals. 

However, you will have much better luck getting good last minute deals during the rainy season (May to mid-December). During the dry season everything tends to book out fast and prices can be a lot higher.

For more tips check out our guide to planning a last minute trip to Costa Rica

Costa Rican Resorts

There is no shortage of amazing resorts in Costa Rica. It is possible to find family friendly resorts, adult only resorts, resorts on the beach, resorts in the jungle, and more! 

Just keep in mind that Costa Rica is the most expensive country in Central America. Although the resorts here are top notch, the prices will typically not be as cheap as some other countries in Central America and the Caribbean.

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