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Costa Rica Travel Tips

Costa Rica is an amazing country for your next vacation! 

Discover all the Costa Rican travel tips you need to know before traveling here.

costa rica beaches

This is actually where the San Jose international airport is located. This town is great for volcanos, touring coffee plantations, and more!

Tamales, oxcarts, Pura Vida, and Tico time are just a few pieces of Costa Rican culture. Discover all the cultural differences you should be aware of before visiting. 

Costa Rica is the perfect place to hold your destination wedding. Find out how to plan all the details of your wedding here with ease. 

There are hotels, hostels, resorts, and Airbnb’s in Costa Rica for all budgets. Discover the best ways to get great deals and what to look out for before booking a place.

Gallo pinto, patacones, and tamales are just a few of the foods you should try in Costa Rica. Discover how to eat local, crazy fruits you should try, the best restaurants in each town, and more!

US dollars or colones? Discover the best currency to use for your trip, find out how to travel on a budget, and more helpful Costa Rica travel tips!

With over 20 national parks there are many hiking options in all areas of the country. Find out all about the best national parks for volcano views, wildlife, hiking, and more!

With jungle, mountainous areas, and large expanses of humid beaches it can be difficult to narrow down your packing list. Find out what you need in your luggage for your Costa Rica vacation.

What is the best place to start when planning your Costa Rica vacation? Discover everything you need to do before you arrive in Costa Rica to ensure your travels are amazing. 

Safety in Costa Rica does not mean just protecting yourself from crimes. You also should be aware of safety from certain animals, environmental factors, and natural disasters.

Costa Rica is the perfect vacation destination for adventure. With zip lining, surfing, white water rafting and more; you will never get bored! Find out which activities you can’t miss in every location.

Public busses, private shuttles, rental cars, and domestic flights. Which mode of transportation is best for your Costa Rica travels? Find out with our transportation Costa Rica travel tips.

Costa Rica is home to many amazing waterfalls including some that you can swim under or jump off of. Discover how to visit all of these unique natural locations throughout the country. 

With opposite rainy seasons on each Costa Rican coast it can be difficult to plan your trip around the weather. Discover all that you need to know about the weather in Costa Rica including tips for each month.