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Costa Rica is kind of a food lovers paradise. There are tons of amazing restaurants from all cultures (there are a lot of foreigners here) but also tons of local food options as well. Basically, there is something for everyone.

costa rican food

The Costa Rican Food you Have to Try

Have you ever eaten tamales? What about ceviche? Patacones? These are just a few of the unique foods you can try in Costa Rica.

Find out all our favorites in our guide to traditional Costa Rican foods.

Oh, and while you are here we suggest trying some crazy Costa Rican fruits as well. We are sure there are some fruits here that you have never even seen before. 


Costa Rican Beer

Are you a beer lover? The national beers of Costa Rica are basically the equivalent of Budweiser, but have no fear! There are plenty of great craft beers as well. You can buy these craft beers in grocery stores or in nice craft breweries throughout the country.

You can find out more about Costa Rican beer in our Costa Rican guide to beer


Travel Tip

One of the best souvenirs you can buy in Costa Rica is food! 

We love bringing our family costa Rican chocolate and coffee. It is great because you can buy these souvenirs at any grocery store and you are sure to please everyone.

For more souvenir ideas check out the guide to souvenirs in Costa Rica.


Costa Rica Beach Bars

Beach bars are always a good idea. I mean, sitting in a comfy chair on the beach with cocktail in hand just screams “I’m on vacation!.” haha.

Check out our guide to the best beach bars in Costa Rica for all of our favorites.

beach bar
beach bar
beach bar
beach bar

How to Eat on A bUdget in Costa Rica

If you would like to stick to a tight food budget we suggest cooking your own meals as much as possible. We always try to stay in Airbnb’s when we can so that we can have a kitchen for cooking.

Check out our guide for eating on a budget in Costa Rica for more tips.

Also, check out our guide to grocery stores in Costa Rica. It will give you a better idea of which stores to shop at for affordable meals.

The Best Costa Rica Towns for Foodies

We’ve got to admit, most towns in Costa Rica have tons of amazing food options. However, there are a few towns that stand out as foodie heavens…


Dominical- Dominical is a small town, but it is filled with amazing restaurants from every culture. You can eat your way around the world in this little town.

santa teresa

Santa Teresa- We love Santa Teresa restaurants because there are tons of healthy/ organic type options. Plus, there are several amazing beach bars.


Tamarindo- Tamarindo has everything, but we especially love eating here for all the fresh fish options. If you would like several upscale dining options and beach bars, Tamarindo is a great spot for you.

puerto viejo

Puerto ViejoPuerto Viejo has several restaurants with a rasta vibe, great bars, and plenty of organic options. 

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