Eating and Drinking in Costa Rica

Traditional Costa Rican Food

Costa Rican Copo: A Shaved Ice Treat – A Costa Rica copo is a shaved ice treat that is enjoyed by both children and adults throughout the country on hot days, usually at the beach. 

15 Traditional Costa Rican Foods to Try – Have you ever eaten Gallo Pinto? What about a casado? These are just two of the many traditional Costa Rican foods that we highly suggest trying while visiting the country.

Crazy Costa Rica Fruit That You Need to Try – Did you know that there are some Costa Rica fruits you’ve probably never even seen before? It sounds strange but it’s true

Costa Rica’s Blue Zone: The Place People Live to Over 100 Years Old – The Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica is one of the five areas in the world that hold the distinguished classification of a Blue Zone (a place where people regularly live to over 100). A big factor in this is their diet. Find out what they eat.

Costa Rica Holidays: Celebrate Like a Local – Discover national Costa Rican holidays and how they are celebrated, including traditional dishes that are prepared for holidays.

Where to Eat in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Restaurants: A Foodie Guide – Does anybody else pick which restaurants you want to go to before anything else when organizing a trip? Food-related experiences are very important to me and I must say, Costa Rica restaurants do not disappoint.

Jaco Costa Rica Restaurants: The 21 Best Places – There are Jaco Costa Rica restaurants for all budgets and interests. Get ready for a variety of delicious food and drink options in this Central Pacific Coast beach town.

Costa Rica on a Budget: 19 Money-Saving Tips – Advice for how to save money on food in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Souvenirs: Unique Goods That You’ll Love – Including amazing food items that you should bring home from your travels

Costa Rica Chocolate Tours: A Fun Activity for All Ages – Have you ever eaten fresh chocolate which was created from cacao beans right in front of you? On a Costa Rica chocolate tour you can experience this first hand.

Costa Rica All-Inclusive Resorts – What You Need to Know – Staying at an all-inclusive resort is the perfect way to have a full culinary experience while in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Grocery Stores: Advice for Shopping – There are a ton of food shopping options in Costa Rica. Grocery stores in Costa Rica range from high-end markets to small mini-markets which carry all the basics you might need. 

How to Eat on a Budget in Costa Rica Unfortunately, one of the most expensive things about your travels in Costa Rica will be food. Here is how to eat great food while on a budget

Costa Rican Drinks and Beverages

Can You Drink the Water in Costa Rica? Guide for Travelers – While traveling in Costa Rica it is always important to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water. Find out where you can drink tap water.

Costa Rica Coffee: Where to Take a Farm Tour – Drinking some tasty Costa Rica coffee is a must-do while visiting the country. If you would like to take your coffee enjoyment one step further, we suggest participating in a coffee farm tour.

Visit Hacienda Alsacia: A Unique Starbucks Coffee Farm – If you’re a coffee lover and looking for a unique experience in Costa Rica, then planning a visit to Hacienda Alsacia owned by Starbucks should definitely be on your list.

Costa Rica Drinks: 9 Cocktails You Need to Try – If sitting on a beach with palm trees behind you and lapping waves in front of you while holding a cocktail in 80-degree weather sounds like the perfect thing, this Costa Rica drinks guide is perfect for you! 

Beer in Costa Rica – The Best and Where to Buy Them One of our absolute favorite topics favorite topics… in Costa Rica! Did you know there are actually a lot of great beers from Costa Rica? It’s true! 

The Best Beach Bars in Costa Rica: The best places to enjoy a true tropical experience of drinking a pina colado with a beach front view.