Jaco Costa Rica Restaurants: The 21 Best Places

Jaco Costa Rica Restaurants: The 21 Best Places

There are Jaco Costa Rica restaurants for all budgets and interests. Get ready for a variety of delicious food and drink options in this Central Pacific Coast beach town. 

We created this guide to give you info on the 21 best meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while enjoying Jaco Beach.

If you would like to eat traditional Costa Rican food, we included plenty of restaurants for that. If you would like to try some food from all different nationalities, restaurants in Jaco have that covered as well. 

So, let’s get to all the Jaco Costa Rica restaurants!

Breakfast in Jaco

We always tend to start our day early while in Jaco because once the howler monkeys wake up at around 5am it is almost impossible to get back to sleep. And then we are in desperate need of coffee, so we head to breakfast. 

When that happens, here are our top go-to choices for food. 

Green Room

A great place for healthier breakfast options with really fresh ingredients. They make a great florentine benedict (my go-to choice at any breakfast place) and I can also highly recommend the breakfast burrito. 

The atmosphere here is very relaxed and there is outdoor seating if you would prefer to be outside.

I typically go here for breakfast, but they are open all day so stop by for lunch or dinner as well! They have live music in the evenings. 

Soda Jaco Rustico

Our go-to spot for simple, delicious, traditional breakfast. I feel like you need to at least eat a traditional breakfast a few times while in Costa Rica. 

If you don’t already know, traditional breakfast consists of a plate of gallo pinto (a mix of rice and beans), eggs, fried plantains, fresh Costa Rican fruit, fresh corn tortillas, and sometimes a meat such as sausage. 

Soda Jaco Rustico serves this up for a really reasonable price and it is delicious!

El Cafecito by Mono Verde

If you care about your coffee, this is the place to go. They serve excellent regular coffee and blended varieties. 

They offer a few breakfast options, paninis, or you can opt for a sweet treat and try one of their many pastries. 

We actually also like to come here in the afternoon for a “tea time” treat of a pastry and margarita. 

Gaia Smoothies And Acai Bowls

If you would like a healthy option and want an acai bowl, this is the best spot for it. The only downside is that they don’t open until 9am. So, if you plan to start your day really early, this isn’t an option for you. 

However, it is located right on the main street of Jaco, and their service is very fast, so you can also always stop here for a refreshing iced coffee or smoothie if walking by during the day. 

Mary’s Diner

If you are looking for a US breakfast with a diner feel, this is the spot. Mary is super nice will take great care of you. I suggest getting a dish that includes hash browns if you are a fan of hash browns made with thinly sliced potatoes that are fried well. 

Jaco Breakfast Map

Lunch in Jaco

We find that we typically end up skipping lunch because we are always out enjoying some activity in Jaco. But, if you find yourself in the downtown area, here are some great lunch spots


If you are interested in poke-style bowls, this is the place you should go for lunch. Everything is fresh, delicious, and completely customizable to your taste. I personally recommend a bowl with fresh tuna. 

It has a cafe vibe, so expect a relaxed minimal atmosphere and not a long drawn out meal. 

Sabres Kosher

An excellent option for kosher Middle-Eastern food. 

Everything is good here and I try to always get something different, but if you like dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) you should definitely get them as an appetizer. I can’t leave without buying some every time. 

I’m also a big fan of the shakshuka, just because I love that dish and you don’t often find it at restaurants so I need to get it when I can. 

I can also recommend their falafel.

Ok, basically I’m just listing the whole menu now…..Everything is excellent!

Their menu is varied. It’s possible to get a lighter meal here for lunch or come for dinner and get something more filling. 

Taco Joint

A chilled-out place with a customizable taco, burrito, quesadilla menu. I recommend getting two or three tacos rather than a burrito so you can try a few different meat, sauce, topping combos. They also have a fridge with a decent craft beer selection if you want that as well. 

Karma Cafe

This is an excellent completely plant-based option. Everything is fresh and always delicious. I recommend getting one of their bowls. But, if you are in the mood for pasta I can also highly recommend their carbonara made with cashew cream is also amazing. 

Jaco Lunch Map

Dinner in Jaco

Now on to dinner! We suggest opting for a place with a sunset view if you plan to eat between 5pm and 6pm. If you plan to eat later, catch the sunset on the beach and then head into town for your meal.

High End

Adventure Dining

This place is kind of in its own league because they offer such a unique and amazing experience. 

Basically, on the afternoon of your reservation, a driver will pick you up at your Jaco area hotel to take you to the Adventure Dining property.

The property is located in the hills above Jaco with impressive views and well-manicured gardens.

You will then have time to walk around the gardens and meet other dinner guests while enjoying a welcome drink. 

You will then be welcome to enjoy the open bar and appetizers followed by dinner. Dinner is a salad followed by three main courses. After dinner is coffee and dessert. 

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Graffiti Restro Cafe and Wine Bar

A great place for seafood, fish, and meat. They offer excellent menu items, but definitely also ask about their daily specials! 

El Novillo Alegro

One of the best restaurants in Jaco, Costa Rica for meat. They serve some delicious steak options in a comfortable atmosphere with excellent service.

One thing I like here is that it is consistently good. 



We like to come here for seafood, cocktails, and a relaxed atmosphere. This place has a cafe feel to it, but with really creative and fresh food options. 

SER Restaurant

I love this place. Everything is plant-based, but even if you are a meat eater I’m sure you will enjoy it.

The atmosphere is the best, the ingredients are fresh, and the food is excellent. 

Ohana Sushi

Delcious sushi with really fresh ingredients. They have plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans as well. 

Ti-Ko Restaurant

The food here is good, but the main draw is definitely the view of the Pacific Coast. I suggest making a reservation or coming here just before sunset to enjoy dinner with a sundown show. 

Amancios Pizza & Pasta

If you are looking for Italian food, this is our top choice. I think the prices are a bit high for what it is, but their dishes are all excellent. 

Budget Friendly

The Pizza Shop

Our go-to pizza place in town. We like to get a pizza and bring it to the beach with us for sundown. But, you can also eat in the restaurant if you prefer. 

Soda Jaco Rustico which i listed in the breakfast section is also a good cheap eats option for dinner for some traditional Costa Rican food.

Jaco Dinner Map

Bars in Jaco Costa Rica

We are not the best people to advise you on the nightlife scene in Jaco (although there is a VERY nightlife scene). But, we can definitely tell you some cool places to grab a cocktail or beer with nice vibes and even live music.

The Beer House

A good place for…you guessed it…beer! They always have a good selection of local beers on tap and bottled as well. 

The Beer House is open until 2:30am every day except Sunday when they are open until 12:30am. 

The Green Room

We mentioned this place as a great breakfast spot, but if you are looking for chilled vibes and live music, this is also the place to go in the evening. 

Puddlefish Brewery

If craft beer is your thing, this is a good spot to go. They also serve quality burgers and bar food. Just note that they closes at 10pm.

Jaco Bars Map

Things to Note About Jaco Costa Rica Restaurants

– There is an open air shopping center located downtown called, Jaco Walk. Some of the dining options we listed are located there. If you aren’t sure what to eat, we suggest taking a stroll through Jaco Walk and see if anything stands out to you. It’s also a good spot for buying souvenirs

– Most places accept credit cards or cash in dollars or colones. But, we usually always check before ordering because you never know in Costa Rica. Some places only accept card. Some only accept cash.

– Petty theft can sometimes be a problem here. If you have a purse or backpack it is best not to just put it on the back of your chair and don’t leave it unattended if you go to the bathroom or something. We usually put our bags on our lap or on the floor between our legs with one strap around our foot.

– If you plan to go out to dinner at an open-air place definitely bring bug spray. When the sun goes down the mosquitos come out.

– Service is sometimes not super great in Costa Rica. The “Pura Vida” attitude is alive and well here. If you need something, don’t hesitate to save a waiter or waitress over.

– When you are ready to pay you need to ask for the bill. They won’t just bring it.

– We created a guide to eating and drinking in Costa Rica to give you all the details of food around the country. 

– Typically taxes and service charges are included in your bill. You should see 13% tax and a 10% service charge at the bottom of your bill. It is up to you if you would like to add a tip. It is not typically expected in Costa Rica, but in touristy places, it is more common. It’s totally your choice. 

– For dinner, during busy tourism season it is always a good idea to make a reservation to guarantee you’ll get a table. Online booking systems aren’t common. You’ll either need to call the restaurant or stop in to make your reservation.

– For a unique experience, we suggest taking a Costa Rican cooking class in Jaco. Our favorite class is held by Melissa Guzman, a cookbook author. It’s so fun and delicious!

Conclusion: Jaco Costa Rica Restaurants

We hope this guide to the best restaurants in Jaco, Costa Rica helped give you some clarity on all food that you’ve got to try while visiting this foodie lovers beach town.  

If you need some help planning the rest of your trip to Jaco, check out our complete Jaco Destination Guide

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