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Would you like to get from Point A to Point B in Costa Rica without renting a car or the all the hassle of public busses?

Private transfer may be the best option for you.

Learn more and reserve your transfer below!

Costa Rica Private Shuttle - Transfers


What is a private transfer?

A private transfer is when instead of renting a car, taking a public bus, or a shared shuttle; you instead opt to have a reputable driver take your group to your destination. This allows everyone in your group to sit back and relax while enjoying the epic beauty of Costa Rica from the vehicle window without dealing with driving in a foreign country.

Why is Adobe our favorite transfer company in Costa Rica?

Adobe Transfers is a company that was recently established by one of our favorite companies in Costa Rica, Adobe Rental Car. This new transfer company is designed to fill a gap for affordable, dependable, and trustworthy private transfers in Costa Rica.

We have worked with Adobe for over four years and have nothing but the highest praise for them as a company. With this new transfer company they are expanding their reach to include people who, for a variety of different reasons, prefer to have a dependable driver take them from Point A to Point B without driving themselves.

Every Adobe Transfer driver is experienced and certified for public transportation. 

You are in good hands with Adobe!

When should I use a transfer?

There are a few situations when visiting Costa Rica in which we suggest using a private transfer…

– If you are planning to visit an all inclusive resort and will not need a rental car during your stay

– If you do not feel comfortable driving far distances and would prefer to have a driver take you to your destination. You can then rent a car from Adobe at your destination for local driving, if you would like.

– If you are planning a large family, group, or destination wedding transportation. A private transfer is a cost effective and easy way of getting everyone from Point A to Point B.

How many people can fit in one transfer?

In total, 14 passengers and one driver can fit in the Toyota Hiace van without luggage. However, with luggage we recommend no more than nine (possibly ten) passengers for a comfortable ride.

How much does the transfer cost?

The price of each transfer is based on the driving distance between your pick up and drop off locations. 

Adobe prides themselves for consistently maintaining the best service with extremely low rates in comparison to other transfer companies in Costa Rica.

Fill in the contact form below to get an exact quote.

Can the van pick my group up from the airport?

Of course! Just provide your flight info (flight number and arrival time) and your Adobe Transfer driver will be waiting for your group to arrive when you exit the airport. It’s super easy!

Can the van pick my group up from hotels, Airbnb's, resorts, villas, etc. ?

Yes, this is no problem at all! Make sure to include the name of the place you will be staying and town in the Pick Up Place section of the reservation form below. 

Are there only certain destinations that the transfer can go to?

Adobe Transfers is very flexible with the travel destinations they are able to drive to. If your destination is very remote, it may be a problem, but for the most part they are happy to take you and your group wherever you need to go!

Just fill in the booking form below and a representative will let you know if your pick up and drop off points are possible for them to do. 

What if we need to stop and pick up groceries or want to take pictures along the drive?

That is no problem! Adobe adds in up to a 45 minute time buffer at no extra cost to each transfer.

This is great for short bathroom stops, taking pictures at nice views (feel free to ask us in the comment section below for some good view ideas along your drive), stopping to get a few groceries before going to your Airbnb etc.

How does the booking process work?

Just fill in your details below and a representative from Adobe will contact you shortly by email with an exact price quote based on your starting point and destination.

Once your booking is confirmed, you can rest assured that your private shuttle and dedicated driver will be waiting for you at your starting point. 

No stress. Just easy, trustworthy, transportation.

adobe transfer
Costa Rica Private Shuttle - Transfers
adobe transfer
Costa Rica Private Shuttle - Transfers

Fill in your details below and a representative from Adobe will contact you shortly with an exact price quote

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Note: We’ve partnered with Adobe on an affiliate basis. This means that they allow us to promote their business in return for a commission. This allows us to keep making great content on travel in Costa Rica for you. Although we absolutely love Adobe, any transactions, agreements, or disputes that happen are between you and Adobe Rent a Car.