Dominical, Costa Rica

The perfect mix of small beach town and jungle
dominical costa rica
dominical costa rica

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The Dominical Vibe

Dominical Costa Rica is one of those places that turned out to be exactly what I expected from it.

We had heard that Dominical had a very relaxed hippie vibe and that is exactly what we experienced. We love that Dominical has it all. You can be on the beach and drive five minutes to be in lush forests.

Also, something that we were not expecting was the awesome variety of excellent restaurants here. I may have eaten my way around the world within this little town and enjoyed every second of it!

Now on to the rest of the Dominical Costa Rica travel guide!


Dominical Weather

Every time we have been in Dominical it has been really hot. Bring a lot of strong sunscreen here. You’ll need it!

The most popular time to visit Dominical is between the end of December through early May. This is dry season in Dominical. You can expect extremely hot weather and no rain.

We like to visit this area between May through mid-August. At that time of year, you will likely have a daily afternoon thunderstorm, but there are far fewer tourists. The downside is that the humidity is ridiculous. Everything just feels wet at all times.

From mid-August through mid-December you can expect the temperature to cool off a bit and more rain.

Dominical Transportation

Getting to Dominical

Your best option for getting to Dominical is to fly into San Jose airport and drive down. The drive will take about four hours depending on traffic.

You have two options for driving, you can either drive down the coastal road or through the mountains.

The coastal road involves well-maintained highways the whole way down. You will pass by the beach towns of Jaco and Manuel Antonio on your drive down.

On a sunny day, this drive is absolutely beautiful. There are several places along the way where you can pull off to get a nice ocean view.

The mountain route by San Isidro de General will take you at least an hour longer than the coastal route. This route is really pretty, but the roads are a bit scary. Everything is paved but you can expect lots of curves and switchbacks.

As someone who gets really car sick, this ride is a bit of a nightmare. Plus, if you get stuck behind a slow-moving truck it can be very difficult to pass them.

We suggest using Adobe for car rentals because they are the most trustworthy rental car company in this country (in our opinion) and we have a 10% rental car discount for you.


You will not need a 4×4 to get to Dominical Costa Rica.

If you don’t feel comfortable driving to Dominical on your own, the best option we have found is to take the Tracopa bus. The bus leaves from downtown San Jose every day at 6:00 am and 3:00pm. It will cost about $12 each way.

This bus is air-conditioned, semi-comfortable, and drives directly to Uvita. You can just ask to get out at Dominical and they will let you out. You can find out more on the Tracopa website

Tip: If you don’t feel comfortable driving, a private shuttle is always a great option. Find out more here.


Getting Around in Dominical

We suggest depending on a rental car while in Dominical. Dominical has a really cute downtown area that you can easily walk, but you’ll probably want to do a lot of exploring in the surrounding areas as well. 

This means that if you don’t rent a car you will have to book day tours which include transportation. This can be really expensive.

Also, when you look at our favorite budget Uvita activities you will see that most are off the beaten path activities. Day tours usually do not go to these locations.

If you opt to take the bus to Dominical, you can rent a car from Adobe and input Uvita as your pick-up location. They have an office directly in the downtown area of Uvita. 

In the comments section of the rental car reservation, you can also specify that you need the car delivered to you at your hotel in Dominical. Adobe will deliver it to you free of charge if you are within 12 miles of their location.

Usually, they are really awesome and will deliver it even if it is a bit more than 12 miles away. If you’re unsure if your hotel is over 12 miles, just leave us a comment in the comment section and we will check with Adobe to get it approved. 

Pro Tip: Rent a car with Adobe through our site and you will get a 10% discount! Score! You can find out more about it here.

Things to Do in Dominical

Visit Nauyaca waterfall: Nauyaca waterfall is one of the most impressive waterfalls we have seen in Costa Rica. We loved it so much that we made a complete guide to visiting. 

Go surfing: Dominical is a popular surfing town. There are plenty of places where you can take surfing lessons or just rent a board for the day.

Go fishing: There are tons of options for fishing day trips in Dominical, but if you want to fish on a budget you might even have good luck fishing from a hand line on the beach. We saw plenty of locals doing this, so it must be possible to catch stuff.

Check out the artists stands: All along the road to the beach in Dominical artists set up stands to sell their artistic creations. This is the perfect spot if you want unique souvenirs for your family and friends back home. We like to just browse all the creativity. Just be warned, everything is so unique that it is hard to leave without buying something.

Relax on the beach: Playa Dominical is a nice palm tree lined beach. It is the perfect place to spend the day relaxing, walking, and enjoying the waves.

For a more relaxed experience, drive a few minutes south to Playa Dominicalito.

Take a yoga class: Dominical is known as a yoga paradise. There are so many yoga companies. I suggest asking at your hotel if they have any recommendations. Sometimes they can get you good discounts.

Go to Envision festival: Envision festival is the big music festival that takes place once a year in February. It’s a really fun and unique experience that doesn’t just focus on music but spoken workshops, artistic expression, etc. as well.

Take a whale watching tour: The South Pacific coast of Costa Rica is known as the Costa Ballena for a reason. Ballena means whale in Spanish and this area is a prime whale-watching destination.

Every year in August and September it is possible to see migrating Humpback Whales.  


Dominical Hotels

High-End Hotels

There aren’t any stand out high-end hotels in Dominical (that we have found). However, the nearby town of Uvita has some beautiful options.

Mid-Range Hotels

Tree of Life CabinasBeautiful cabinas with private outdoor kitchens. There is a pool on the property with a view of the sea. Just note, you will need a 4×4 vehicle to get here. 

Hotel Villas Rio Mar: This place has great amenities such as a nice pool, tennis court, mini golf, and outdoor exercise equipment. It is a larger place with about 50 rooms in total.

Budget Hotels

Cool Vibes Beach Hostel: Nice hostel in downtown Dominical. There is a shared kitchen and pool on the property. 

Tropical Sands Dominical: Simple (but nice) rooms located in downtown Dominical. 

Dominical Restaurants

Dominical may be a small town, but they definitely are not lacking in delicious restaurants here!

Fine Dining

Cuna de Angel: A high-end gluten-free restaurant located just south of Dominical in Cuna del Angel hotel. 


Dominical Sushi:  This is some of the best sushi I’ve ever eaten, something I would have never expected in Costa Rica. They also have a nice selection of cocktails.

Phat Noodle: Another amazing ethnic restaurant in Dominical. If you are into Thai food, head here. You certainly won’t be disappointed. Their portions are huge and the vibe here is perfect.

Cafe Mono Congo: We like this place for breakfast and lunch. Everything is super fresh and tasty. It is the perfect place to grab lunch to go or relax and sit for a while. 

Por Que No?: This is a great dinner spot. They have a wide variety of delicious dinner options which you can enjoy with an ocean view. 


Del Mar Taco Shop: Two words….Taco Tuesdays! Yeap, on Tuesdays they have one taco for 1,000 colones ($2). It’s not just the tacos here though which are excellent. Everything is super tasty.

El Pescado Loco: This place is just a small stand with some tables and chairs in downtown Dominical. We always stop here as our lunch spot when driving from San Jose down to Puerto Jimenez. It is fast, easy to get to, and tasty. Get the fish tacos!

Fuego Brew Co: They brew their own craft beer here with a Costa Rican twist. The food is also decent. However, the real cool thing about this place is the architecture.

dominical beach view

Dominical Travel Tips

– Please be careful when swimming at the beaches around Dominical. There is a powerful rip current in this area.

– If possible, pack fast drying items. It is ridiculously humid here and nothing ever seems to dry.

– Please be careful during the rainy season. This area is known for flash floods in the rivers during heavy storms. A young man on his honeymoon died in 2018 due to being sucked out during a flash flood after his car went off the road. Please be careful.

-Dominical is a great place to spend a night on your way down to the Osa Peninsula (Puerto Jimenez and Drake Bay area)

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  1. Would love to know about fishing guides in the area! I am planning a trip in January 2020 for my 40th birthday and want to do some sailfishing and big game sport fishing. Planning to rent a house so we can eat what we catch. Any tips on how to go about this? Prices? Places? Anything would be helpful. I have never been to Costa Rica so I am learning all I can from the internet before I get there.

    1. Hi Marie! There are plenty of companies in the area that do sport fishing BUT they are expensive. I have heard good things about this company, but we have not personally used them so I can’t really say. However, we are working on partnering with more fishing companies to bring our readers discounts, so I’ll keep you posted if we partner with one in Dominical.
      Also, definitely check out AIRBNB for a house. We have had great luck with airbnb in the Dominical/ Uvita area. If you haven’t used Airbnb before you can use our link for $30 off your first stay.
      Let us know what other questions you have as you plan your trip! We are happy to help!

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