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Hi! We are Thomas (from Germany) and Sarah (from the US)

We met while volunteering in a community for adults with mental disabilities in Virginia, fell in love, moved to Germany for four years, then moved to Costa Rica where we have been living ever since.

It was a spontaneous decision to move to Costa Rica, (Thomas was offered a job in the capital city of San Jose and we moved six weeks later) but it was the best decision. We love it here!

You can usually find us chasing fabulous vibes around Costa Rica while helping you to do the same through our website. 

Here is a commercial that Skyscanner made about our story. This will give you a better idea of who we are and what we are all about.

Why we do this

Chasing fabulous vibes around Costa Rica while helping you do the same

We started Costa Rica Vibes after living here for a year and traveling around the country. We realized there is a serious lack of available information on how to travel in Costa Rica without depending on expensive tours or all inclusive hotels.

That’s just not our vibe and it doesn’t need to be yours either.

We also realized that there are tons of businesses here in Costa Rica that just can’t compete with the big international companies. We wanted to be a voice for the amazing companies and places which most Costa Rica tourists never get a chance to experience.


We created Destination Guides to every area of Costa Rica. These guides will help you find the perfect places for your Costa Rica travels.

la fortuna


Discover ready made itineraries for one, two, and three week trips to Costa Rica. All of these itineraries are free for you to use. ​

puerto jimenez

Travel Tips

Discover all the things you should know before visiting Costa Rica from packing tips to the best beaches.

us in 2010

How We Met

We met in 2010 while volunteering for a year in a community for adults with mental disabilities in Virginia.

Sarah had just graduated college and wasn’t really interested in the whole 9-5 thing yet and Thomas had to complete nine months of civil service which was required by the German government at that time. He was able to complete this requirement by volunteering and he could even do it overseas.

Somehow we both ended up in the same little village in Virginia at the same time. We aren’t sure if we believe in fate or destiny, but we can say that we feel really freaking lucky because our life together is better than anything we could have ever imagined.

After just a few months together we needed to decide our future.

Thomas needed to go back to Germany because his visa was about to run out. Sarah tends to act with her heart rather than what is logical so two months after Thomas left the US, Sarah followed and we started our life together in Germany.

How We Ended Up in Costa Rica

After four years living in Germany, Sarah was really ready for a change. She gets seasonal depression and the constant gray days were killing her productivity in life.

Sarah was teaching English at the time and we figured it would possible for her to do this job from anywhere in the world. Thomas, on the other hand, worked in a job in which it was kind of necessary that he worked at a German company. It was much more difficult for him to find a job internationally.

He started applying for jobs around the world and when he was offered a job with a German company in San Jose, Costa Rica, Sarah was all like, “Pack your bags. We’re going.” He was a bit more hesitant about the whole thing, but she eventually got him on the same page.

In all honesty, it was the best decision we ever made. We absolutely love it here!


Our Travel Style

Sarah is usually the one planning the trips. Thomas is the one picking up the pieces and ironing out the details (how very German of him).

Sarah is the dreamer. Thomas is the practical thinker.

As far as traveling goes, we are a bit of a contradiction. We like to have things such as transportation and accommodations arranged ahead of time but tend to go with the flow as far as activities.

We love to really explore the places we are visiting, but we also like to stop and just enjoy the moment. It is not unusual for us to spend a day drinking margaritas on a beach and spend the next day doing a five-hour long hike and wrap up the day by kayaking.

We like to get the best deals possible (which we, of course, will always share with you) but we also like to find the coolest places with the best vibes.

We are all about finding off the beaten path activities and supporting local businesses.

Oh and we always love to be outside!

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We are more than happy to help you out with your plans. Just note that sometimes we can a bit inundated with emails so it can take us some time to get back to you. 

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