San Jose & Central Valley

Coffee tours, volcanoes, and sweeping views

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and the location of the country’s main international airport.

The area around San Jose is called the Central Valley. This area has coffee plantations, amazing views, volcanoes, waterfalls, and more!

Map Of San Jose & The Central Valley

This area is the most accessible area from the San Jose International Airport.

Most people who visit the country head straight to the beach towns, but this area is actually beautiful.

The green hills overlooking populated towns and abundance of coffee farms are so nice!

Central Valley Weather

The dry season and main tourism season in Costa Rica is from late December until late April. During this time of year it gets windy here.

From May until August prices go down a bit, the crowds go home, and the weather turns somewhat rainy.

You can expect afternoon rainstorms to last about one to two hours. 

Rarely will there be a full day of rain.

From August until December prices usually get even lower. At this time of year, you are more likely to experience rainy days.

The temperature year-round is usually in the upper 80°F (around 30°C) during the day and dips to about  65° F (19°C) at night.

Year-round the sun rises between 5:15 and 5:45am and sets between 5:30 and 6:00pm. 

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san jose road

Central Valley Transportation

There are multiple transportation options to get to and around in the Central Valley region.

We usually suggest renting a car because it will give you the most flexibility in getting around between locations and it will allow you to explore more on your own.

Just keep in mind that we do not suggest driving in San Jose. If exploring the city, either take a taxi or walk. People drive like crazy.

You can book your rental car with a 10% discount plus other great perks here. 

However, if you are planning on staying at a resort or plan to mostly take day tours with transportation included, it is most likely not necessary to rent a car. 

In this situation, you could opt for a private shuttle.

You can book your private shuttle with our favorite shuttle company here

If you are on a tight budget, the public bus is always an option. Here is the best place for the bus schedule.  

Fun Central Valley Activities

All the Central valley Destinations

This town is great for visiting the nearby Poas volcano, touring coffee plantations, and more!

The capital city in Costa Rica and home to many nice parks, museums, restaurants, and nightlife.

Cartago is home to Irazu volcano, beautiful views, coffee plantations, and hiking opportunities.

A cold cloud forest town that is perfect for bird watching and eating a lot of fresh trout.

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