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Yoga in Costa Rica: Plan Your Retreat

If you have always wanted to participate in a yoga retreat, Costa Rica might just be the perfect place for you to book your next vacation. Yoga in Costa Rica can be done throughout the country at retreat centers, in drop in yoga classes, or even just on your own with a nice open-air ocean or jungle view.

If you would like to partake in a yoga teacher training course, that is possible in Costa Rica as well.

We created this guide to help you plan the perfect yoga filled trip to Costa Rica, so, let’s get to it!

Why Costa Rica for Yoga?

yoga costa rica

We think that Costa Rica is a great place to visit for yoga. There are tons of amazing retreat centers throughout the country but it is also possible to make up your own travel plans with frequent yoga classes throughout your travels. We have even stayed at Costa Rican hotels which offer free yoga classes every day for guests.

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Costa Rica has become a very popular destination for yoga enthusiasts. I believe a big part of the appeal is the overall friendly people and the eco vibe throughout the country. Plus, it doesn’t get much better than listening to the sound of the jungle while practicing mindfulness or listening to the waves crash to shore during your downward dog.

The motto for life in Costa Rica is Pura Vida which directly translates to “pure life.” People throughout the country take this mantra seriously and embrace an overall relaxed and happy lifestyle. This makes it the perfect place to relax and realine yourself.

The Best Yoga Locations

yoga retreat

Although it is possible to participate in yoga throughout the country, there are a few places which really just capture the yoga feels. Here are our favorites.

Montezuma / Santa Teresa

montezuma beach

Montezuma and Santa Teresa are located on the very end of the Nicoya Peninsula. This area is one of the seven blue zones of the world where people are said to live the longest. This is likely due to their diet which is heavy in vegetables and fish and the overall relaxed way of life.

Montezuma is a small beach town that can get full, but if you head out of the downtown area there are beautiful peaceful hillside destinations and a beach that you can walk on for hours. Santa Teresa has more of a backpacker vibe and is popular with surfers.

Nosara / Samara


Nosara and Samara are relaxed beach towns near the Nicoya Peninsula. Nosara is a world class surfing spot and both towns boast some great yoga centers. For a really small-town vibe, head to Nosara. If you would like a little more action, Samara is a better bet for you.

Dominical / Uvita

palm trees on uvita beach

Dominical and Uvita are small beach towns next to each other on the Pacific coast just south of Manuel Antonio. These towns are popular surfing destinations and just have an overall peaceful feel to them. Playa Uvita would be a great place to enjoy some relaxed beach yoga.

Once a year, Dominical hosts Envision Festival, a popular multi-day festival that attracts visitors from around the world. events at the festival include musical performances, yoga classes, mindful workshops, and more.

The Southern Caribbean Coast


The Southern part of the Caribbean coast is great for capturing a relaxed backpacker vibe. There are plenty of retreat centers in this area nestled into the jungle but close to the ocean. Puerto Viejo is the main town in this area, but head a bit south for a more chilled-out feel.

Yoga Retreat

yoga costa rica

There are some amazing yoga retreats in Costa Rica that also have top-notch wellness facilities and daily organic meals. Here are some of the best yoga retreats in the country (in our opinion).

8 Day Yoga On and Off the Mat


8 days/ 7 nights


Playa Grande (near Tamarindo)


There are four rooming options which include standard or deluxe accommodations that are shared or for a single person. 

The hotel has two outdoor pools and is just steps from the beach. 


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided. Everything is fresh and delicious. They can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets. 

Daily Activities

Daily you will participate in morning flow yoga. The afternoon activities are divided between further yoga practice and excursions such as a catamaran tour or exploring downtown Tamarindo. 

8 Day Original Tantra & Yoga Self-Enquiry


7 nights/ 8 days


Playa Hermosa (near Jaco)


You have the choice between a private room and a room shared with one other guest. The rooms have a private bathroom, AC, and refrigerator. 


All meals are fresh vegan, gluten-free, plant base meals. On two of the nights, fish will be served for those who want it. 

Daily Activities

This retreat is focused on diving deep into chakras. You will start each day with yoga and then breakfast followed by a workshop, lunch, yoga, and dinner.

7-Day Recharge Yoga Holiday


7 days/ 6 nights


Playa Hermosa, near Jaco


You have the choice between a private room and a room shared with one other guest. The rooms have a private bathroom, AC, and refrigerator. 


You will be served three vegetarian meals per day. There is an emphasis on local fresh ingredients.

Daily Activities

This retreat is a mix of surfing, yoga, and other fun activities in the nearby area such as zip lining. 

We like this option for those of you who would like a more social, well-rounded retreat rather than just focusing on yoga. 

6 Day Revitalize & Rejuvenate


6 days/ 5 nights




There are four room options from a private triple room to a shared double room at a a hotel. The views here are beautiful


Three vegetarian meals are served fresh each day. They are happy to accommodate any dietary or health concerns. 

Daily Activities

Every day will begin with yoga and meditation followed by breakfast, free time, afternoon yoga, and dinner.

Teacher Training

If you would like to do yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, that is possible as well. Here are the details on our two favorites.

20 Day 200-Hour Awakenings Teacher Training

This is an intense training designed to prepare you with everything you need to know in order to lead your own yoga classes.


20 days/ 19 nights


Playa Hermosa (near Jaco)


You can chose between a private or shared room at the yoga school


Three meals are served each day with a focus on fresh local ingredients.

Daily Schedule

The typical daily schedule is as follows. Sometimes slight changes may be made.

6am – Meditation and Pranayama

7:45am – Break for coffee/tea/juice

8am – Asana class. You will learn; standing postures, forward folds, back bending, twists, hip openers, arm balances, and/or inversions.

10:00am – Breakfast

11:15am – Workshops on Philosophy, anatomy, methodology, or alignment

1:30pm – Lunch

3:00pm – Workshop

5pm – Asana class

7pm – Dinner

29 Day Authentic Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training


29 days/ 28 nights


This retreat is located in a remote area in the mountains above Ojochal


There are several accommodation options that you can chose from based on your budget and interest. It is possible to do anything from camping to staying in a villa.


Three meals are served daily. There is a focus on Ayurvedic vegetarian & vegan dishes. 

Daily Activities

The daily schedule is as follows:

6:00am – morning kriyas

6:30am – Chanting

6:45am – Asana

8:30am – Pranayama

9:00am – Meditation

9:30am – Breakfast

10:30am – Philosophy

12:00pm – Lunch

1pm – Anatomy/Physiology & Teaching Methodology

3pm – Svadyaya – Personal time for spiritual study, practice, or restoration

5pm – Meditation – with personal mantra which you will be initiated within the first week

6pm – Dinner

7pm – Share Circle and Bhakti Yoga

10pm – Lights Out, Sleep and Silence until 10 am the next day

Yoga Classes

yoga costa rica

If you would like to just pop into some yoga classes throughout your travels, that is always possible as well. Typically these do not need to be booked far in advance. However, if you are traveling during a really busy time of year (over Christmas or around Easter) it is probably best to book in advance.

Otherwise, you can always ask at your hotel if they have any recommendations for local yoga studios. Most hotels will be able to direct you to a great studio in the area you are staying.

Our Costa Rica Yoga Tips

yoga costa rica

– Plan Your trip for the rainy season. Prices for yoga retreats go way down in price if you visit on the off-season. The main tourist season runs from December until early May.

The absolute cheapest prices will likely be between September and early December.

Keep in mind that you will likely have rain every day for a few hours, but I personally kind of love doing yoga with the rain pounding in the background.

– Yoga retreats can be pricey. If you would like to save money we suggest practicing yoga by taking drop-in classes as you travel throughout the country and even just doing yoga on your own on the beach.

– Your trip does not need to be limited to yoga as a way of rejuvenating your body and mind. It is also possible to find guided meditations, Reiki healing sessions, organic cooking classes, herbal retreats, and more! If you are interested in something like that, just message us. I can most likely guide you to something that will fit what you are looking for.

-If you plan on doing yoga on your own during your trip, I definitely suggest a travel yoga mat. This one made by YOGO is awesome and is really easy to transport. You can easily attach it to the outside of your backpack.

– Many of the places we listed also offer yoga teacher training courses. If you would like to make yoga a career, what better place to become a teacher than in beautiful Costa Rica?

If you have any questions about planning your yoga retreat in Costa Rica, please leave them in the comment section below. We are always happy to help you out! Also, if you have any tips for fellow yoga lovers visiting Costa Rica, please let us know.

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