apps for costa rica

Thomas and I both rely on our phones so much for traveling around Costa Rica. We’ve discovered some really great apps for Costa Rica that are must haves during your travels.

Here are our must have useful apps for Costa Rica travel.

  1. Off The Grid

apps for costa rica

I just discovered Off The Grid a few weeks ago and I’m hooked! If you are planning on traveling Costa Rica by bus, it is a must have. This app allows to select where you are and where you would like to go within the country. It will then give you the bus times and how to get to the bus terminal. It’s so helpful! There is also a feature in which you can search for hotels by specific qualifications (treehouse on the beach anyone?) but I have not explored this feature too much so I can’t provide you with much info in regards to that. Definitely use it for navigating the buses, though!

  1. Google Translate

apps for costa rica

My Spanish is amateur at best and Thomas is slowly surpassing me with his skills (grrr), but we still struggle a lot. It is usually not difficult to find English speakers in Costa Rica, especially in touristy areas, but it is just polite to try to speak in at least a little Spanish. To translate things quickly we use Google Translate. It’s really nice because not only does it translate what you write, it will also translate pictures of text, and audio.

  1. Uber

If you are doing any traveling around San Jose and plan on using taxis, you need to get the Uber app. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Uber here, but for now it is legal and running. Because Uber makes their rates based on distance rather than length of time, the cost is always considerably lower than the cost of taxis. Traffic is crazy in San Jose pretty much all the time. We recently had a situation in which we took an Uber downtown for $5. On the way back we decided to just jump in a taxi. The same route with the same amount of traffic cost us $26. Learn from our mistakes! Use Uber.

Tip: If you need to get an Uber from the airport you can take advantage of the free wifi in the airport and order one on your way out. The only problem is there will be a ton of taxi drivers standing at the exit as well. You will have to weed through them to find your Uber driver or ask them on the Uber app how you will find them.

  1. Waze

apps for costa rica

If you are planning on renting a car for your travels throughout Costa Rica you should download Waze. This country can be difficult to navigate and no maps will provide you with enough detail to properly travel. Roads here are changing constantly. Waze is great because it will notify you of upcoming traffic, road closures, etc. I find that for my phone Waze kills the battery pretty fast, but it uses very little data.

Tip: If you are not planning on getting a SIM card for your phone while traveling you can try Google maps instead. They now have this feature in which you can download your route ahead of time and it will navigate you via satellite for free and without internet. I’ve had some trouble getting it to work sometimes though and I’m not sure how well it takes into account road closures and traffic.

  1. TripAdvisor

apps for costa rica

Anyone else obsessed with looking at restaurant pics on Tripadvisor or is it just me? You can use Tripadvisor to find hotels, restaurants or activities etc. based on location in Costa Rica (or anywhere in the world). It’s great because you can read reviews from previous customers and see pictures. I mostly use it to find great restaurants based on our price range and vibe we are feeling on that particular day. The only downfall of Tripadvisor is the millions of email messages they will send you until you unsubscribe.

  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is our go to app for staying in contact with family and friends back home while we are traveling. With Whatsapp you can send text messages, voice recordings, or call someone. It is all run through your internet. Thomas and I use it to send pictures to our families easily and quickly.

  1. Touchnote

apps for costa rica

This app is not a “must have”, but still pretty cool. Touchnote allows you to use the awesome travel pictures you’ve taken on your phone and create nice postcards that you can send to your family and friends back home. It is great because it will ship your postcard from the US which means it will get there a lot faster than if you tried to send a postcard from Costa Rica. Plus, it is much cheaper than buying a postcard and paying for shipping. Thomas uses the German equivalent of Touchnote to send his grandmother a postcard every few weeks to keep her updated on our adventures. It’s great because she doesn’t have a smartphone so we can’t send her pictures on Whatsapp like we do to the rest of our families. She loves getting these in the mail.

8. XE Currency

apps for costa rica

The exchange rate between dollars and colones is always changing. Granted it’s not a drastic change, but a few cents adds up. This app allows you to easily convert different currencies and see the current exchange rate. This is important in Costa Rica because a lot of places accept both dollars and colones. It’s good to know just how much you should be paying depending on which currency you plan on using.

9. Magicseaweed

apps for costa rica

If you are a surfer you probably already know about Magicseaweed. If not, prepare to be enlightened! Magicseaweed lets you check out the current surf conditions by beach. People can upload pictures and nearby places of interest are listed as well. I’m not a surfer, but I use it as a fast way of checking the tides.

10. TrailWallet

apps for costa rica

Costa Rica is not exactly the cheapest country in the world. We find that we tend to go a bit over budget on our trips even when we have booked cheap accommodations. I recently downloaded TripWallet and although I sometimes forget to update it, it definitely helps to keep track of your budget. How it works is you can set a daily budget for your trip and as you purchase various items you can add the amount and it will deduct it from your daily allowance. It’s super helpful if you would like to really stay on budget while here.

11. Google Drive

apps for costa rica

Google Drive is my lifeline. While traveling I tend to take tons of pictures, but you never know if your phone will break or be lost and I don’t want to lose all my pics. I’m not a huge fan of icloud so instead I upload all my pictures to my Google Drive. Google Drive saves them and you can access your pics or documents from anywhere you have internet just by logging in. I also use it to save copies of all my hotel confirmations just in case.

12. Overdrive

apps for costa rica

This is another app that is not really a necessity, just something I’m obsessed with and want to tell everyone I can about. Overdrive is this cool app that connects your library account and allows you to borrow ebooks. For example, I have an account with the Boston Public Library so I can access the library through Overdrive and borrow ebooks anytime I like. You can also use this app on your Kindle and never pay for books again. It’s great for when you have a lot of beach days and want to read tons of books but don’t want to spend a ton of money to buy them.


And there you have it! If you know of any other apps for Costa Rica travel, share them in the comments section.


This list of 12 free apps will help you out so much while traveling through Costa Rica. This list of 12 free apps will help you out so much while traveling through Costa Rica.


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