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If you’re looking for a present for the man in your life that loves to travel, this list is for you! All of these are products I personally own or have come highly recommended to me by other bloggers. I have also included gifts in a wide variety of prices and styles for you to choose from. Now, here is the complete list of gifts for men who travel….


An Honor and an Image Smartphone Lens Set

gifts for men who travel

This set of phone camera lenses includes three lenses; wide-angle, fish-eye, and macro lenses. This kit comes with a clip, lens covers, and a soft storage bag. It’s the perfect gift for any male traveler that tends to snap a lot of pics with their phones (so basically everyone)! 🙂

Price: $14.99


World Scratch Map

gifts for men who travel

This is the perfect wall decoration and a great talking point for any travelers home. Each country on the map is a different color that a traveler can scratch off once they visit a place.

Price: $24-$34


Carry-On Cocktail Kit Collection

gifts for men who travel

This Carry-On cocktail kit includes three different drink varieties: the old-fashioned, the Moscow mule, and the gin and tonic. Plus the bag the kits come in is pretty sweet. It’s a fun gift for any frequent traveler and drink lover.

Price: $60.97


S-ZONE Oversized Travel Duffel

gifts for men who travelThis awesome duffel comes in 5 great colors. It’s perfect for an overhead bin on a plane or just to take in your hand for a short trip. It’s extremely lightweight but durable. It’s perfect for any frequent traveler.

Price: $55.99


Men’s Emergency Kit

gifts for men who travel

This little men’s emergency kit has all the essentials. It comes in 3 great colors and includes a clothing brush, shoe horn, nail clipper, and 6 pairs of color stays. It’s the perfect for any guy that likes to stay looking nice while traveling often.

Price: $21.00


On-The-Go Coffee Press

gifts for men who travel

Basically, this gift is perfect for any coffee lover (so practically anyone). This on-the-go coffee press doubles a travel mug. It’s great for people that take long backpacking or camping trips and prefer to just bring a bag of coffee and brew their own every day instead of spending money on an expensive cup of coffee.

Price: $34.99


Cord Tacos

gifts for men who travel

Cord tacos are the best way to keep all your cables organized and cared for while traveling. They come in a three pack in a wide variety of colors. They are perfect gifts for any traveling techies.

Price: $16.00


Prograso Travel Shave Kit

gifts for men who travel

This shaving kit includes pre-shaving cream, shaving cream, after shaving balm, and a boar bristle brush. All you need is the razor!

Price: $15


S’well Wood Water Bottlegifts for men who travel

This water bottle is double coated so cold drinks stay cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks stay warm for up to 12 hours. The bottle is made with stainless steel that is non-toxic and BPA free. It’s great to take on any trip, plus the wooden design is really nice looking!

Price: $25-$45


Burton Traverse Travel Backpack

gifts for men who travel

This backpack made by Burton is the perfect carry-on pack. It has two main compartments with a padded laptop section and a shoe storage pocket. There are interior and exterior small pockets for further storage. It’s great!

Price: $180


Sukie Sunshine Camper Travel Journal

gifts for men who travel

Every traveler needs a nice journal to keep track of all the cool things they experience! I love this one because it’s semi small and can fit easily in a bag. Plus it is travel themed!

Price: $16.95


Neolite Trek Camping Hammock

gifts for men who travel

If you are shopping for a guy that loves to be outdoors while traveling, this hammock is great. It is made of parachute material so it is extremely durable, but also folds down to an extremely small size when you need to fit it in your baggage. This hammock also comes with straps and steel carabiners so it is easy to attach to any trees. It also comes in a variety of colors.

Price: $44.99


Eyn iPhone Case

gifts for men who travel

This iPhone case is a great way to hide your money and credit cards while traveling. It’s perfect for any traveler that does not want to carry any extra stuff with them.

Price: $17.99


GRID-IT! Organizer Case

gifts for men who travel

This organizer case is the perfect place to store wires and other various products. It comes in six different colors and is a great gift for any traveler.

Price: $14.90


Solar Power Charger and Light

gifts for men who travel

This solar charger and light is a good gift for any camping lover or anyone who travels to places where they can’t always depend on electricity. The light is also really strong. It’s a really quality product, and although it is a bit expensive it is worth the price.

Price: $79.00


Fifty Places To Bike Before You Die

gifts for men who travel

This book is great for any man that loves biking and travel. It includes 50 places to bike throughout the world for various skill levels. It also contains beautiful photographs!

Price: $24.99



gifts for men who travel

The GoPro is the best camera and video camera for all adventure lovers. It is waterproof and takes great quality pictures and videos. I personally use mine for lots of underwater adventures as well as anytime I’m participating in any action adventures. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth the price.

Price: $399.00


How to Travel the World on $50 a Day

gifts for men who travel

This book is written by Matt Kepner who is well known for his awesome travel blog called Nomadic Matt. This guide is great for any guy who is thinking about long term travel. Matt has been traveling for several years now and really knows his stuff.Price: $10.56


Crumpled City Map

gifts for men who travel

Folding maps is annoying. If you know the guy traveler in your life is headed to a particular destination soon, get them one of these maps. They are waterproof and lightweight. This particular map is for Madrid, but the company makes maps for several different cities.

Price: $16.95


Map Out Your Mornings Mug

gifts for men who travel

For the guy that loves traveling, but can’t always be on the road. This mug is huge! It is made of metal but is extremely lightweight.

Price: $14.99


When It Range, It Pours Flask

gifts for men who travel

Every traveler that likes to drink needs a good flask to transport their fave alcohol in. This one is great because it has a nice travel-themed design and plus the outer layer is made from wood! It also comes with a nice little bag to keep it from getting damaged when not in use.

Price: $29.99


Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones
gifts for men who travel

I’m personally a huge fan of Bose noise canceling around the ear headphones, but for traveling earbuds are always better. While sitting on a plane you most likely want to rest your head against your neck pillow and I find that big headphones just get in the way. These earbuds are great because they are made by Bose, so they obviously deliver great sound, and they are noise canceling. When flying on loud planes these make all the difference. They are perfect for any man that flies frequently.

Price: $199.00


Redeem Come True Battery Pack in R2D2

gifts for men who travel

This Star Wars themed battery pack works for iPads, iPhones, and android phones. You can use it to increase your battery life for up to 10 hours of talk time. It’s perfect for long days of travel or when traveling to places where electricity is not readily available.

Price: $20.99


Badge Attitude Multi-Tool

gifts for men who travel

This multi-tool can be used as a screwdriver, knife, can opener, saw, nut wrench, sundial, wingnut wrench, bottle opener, and ruler. It comes in a nice metal case to keep it safe. It’s perfect for any traveling guy!

Price: $19.99


TeeStars-Drunk Traveler T-Shirt

gifts for men who travel

This shirt is so fun (but also kind of practical). The idea behind it is that when you don’t know the language of the country you are traveling in you can point to the icon on the shirt that represents what you are trying to convey. This company makes these shirts with general travel icons, but I think the drinking one makes a great gift for a traveler that loves a good night out at the bar. If nothing else it sure makes a good talking point!

Price: $16.99


Travelambo Passport Wallet

gifts for men who travelTravel days can be stressful. This wallet simplifies things by providing a place for all travel documents and passport. It’s extremely convenient and will make travel days so much easier!

Price: $13.99


LOOP World Adapter

gifts for men who travel

The LOOP adapter is the best adapter you can buy for someone that travels frequently. It comes in many fun colors and can be used in any country. Basically, it’s perfect.

Price: $19.45


Bike Chain Luggage Tag

gifts for men who travel

Every person needs a luggage tag in case their bags get lost. This one is great for any guy that loves biking as much as he loves traveling. This luggage tag is also great because your luggage will be easily recognizable with this tag while coming around the baggage carousel.

Price: $10.00


Anywhere Travel Guide

gifts for men who travelThese cards are a super cute stocking stuffer idea. On each card there is a fun thing to do in any location in the world. They are great for people that love to travel and are looking for a unique experience or for someone that sometimes has trouble getting out of their comfort zone.Price: $9.77


I hope this list helped you find the perfect gift for a man traveler in your life. If you have any questions on any of these products or have an idea of something you think should be on this list just leave them in the comment section below.

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If you are looking for a gift for a man who loves travel, look no further! This list has awesome items at a variety of price points. If you are looking for a gift for a man who loves travel, look no further! This list has awesome items at a variety of price points.


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