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beaches in costa rica

3 Weeks Costa Rica Itinerary – Pacific Vibes

three weeks pacific beach vibes itinerary Get a taste for all the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica has to offer in a short amount of timeOne of our favorite things to do in Costa Rica is to explore all the unique Pacific coastal towns. Every town here has its own vibe with different activities, restaurants, and

adventure itinerary

Costa Rica Adventure Lovers Two Week Itinerary

two weeks adventure lovers itinerary Get a taste for all the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica has to offer in a short amount of timeAre you ready to soak up tons of Costa Rica Pacific beach vibes? We created this one week Costa Rica Pacific Coast itinerary to give you the best beach experience in


Must Try Food in Costa Rica – 15 Favorites

Anybody else a total foodie? If you’re anything like me, one of the first things you research when visiting a new country is which tasty traditional foods you need to eat while visiting. Costa Rica does not have as much of a distinct food culture as some other Latin American countries, but despite that, there

costa rica group travel

Costa Rica Group Travel – How to Plan a Trip

Did you know you could potentially save yourself a lot of money by traveling as a group in Costa Rica? Invite all of your family and friends for a getaway in paradise! Costa Rica group travel will be amazing with our travel tips. Costa Rica Group Travel – Our Experience Not only have I basically become a

nauyaca waterfalls

Nauyaca Waterfalls in Costa Rica – Visitors Guide

The Nauyaca waterfalls were the one well-known waterfall in Costa Rica that Thomas and I hadn’t visited, so when we planned a trip to the Dominical area it was one of the top things on our list to do. Guys, the La Fortuna waterfall is pretty impressive but the top falls at Nauyaca completely blew

driving in costa rica

Directions in Costa Rica – How to Easily Get Around

Did you know that there are no addresses in Costa Rica? It may sound crazy, but it’s true! It’s not uncommon to get direction from people saying things like,”Turn left at the soccer field and drive 500 meters. It’s a pink house with black trim.” Soccer fields are an integral part of directions here. Because

volunteer in costa rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica – Find Opportunities

Traveling to Costa Rica is amazing, but if you want an even more unique experience it’s time to consider that you can volunteer in Costa Rica. There are countless options for every type of volunteering desire. The problem is finding the best options, which is why we compiled this detailed list for you! Volunteer in

turtles in costa rica

Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a prime spot for seeing turtles. We absolutely love that you can see sea turtles in Costa Rica on both the Pacific and Caribbean coast at different times throughout the year. How cool is that? Every time we have seen turtles in Costa Rica it has been one of those out of

costa rica waterfalls

The Costa Rica Waterfalls You Don’t Want to Miss

I knew there were cool waterfalls in Costa Rica before we moved here, but I guess I didn’t realize the extent of the amazing natural waterfalls that can be found in this country. Costa Rica waterfalls are not limited to the popular spots which most tourists visit. There are also some amazing waterfalls (which I’m

monteverde cloud forest

Santa Elena Reserve in Monteverde

I never knew that hiking in a cloud forest was something I needed in my life until we visited the Santa Elena Reserve in Monteverde, Costa Rica. It may sound stupid, but it’s true. Thomas was all about going hiking here and I was kind of “meh” about the whole thing until we started our