Why You Need to Visit Bocas del Toro

bocas del toro

Alright I know we are a Costa Rica blog so please don’t judge us as we go total fangirl over Panama, but guys, you NEED to visit Bocas del Toro! It is seriously one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. Here are all the reasons you need to visit Bocas del Toro with pictures. […]

Must Have Gear for Costa Rica

gear for Costa Rica

Packing for Costa Rica is not always the easiest. You’re dealing with a variety of microclimates here. Get ready for the rainforest, cloud forests, beaches, and different rainy seasons depending on where you are traveling. Ugh! For such a small country, it sure doesn’t make it easy! Here is our list of must-have gear for […]

Llanos de Cortez Waterfall – Guide to Visiting

llanos de cortez waterfall

We love the northern Guanacaste region of Costa Rica for its beautiful beaches and amazing day trip opportunities. One of our absolute favorite spots here is the Llanos de Cortez Waterfall. This waterfall is seriously impressive, easy to access, and inexpensive! We visited this waterfall while staying near Playas del Coco. After a few days […]

The Costa Rica to Panama Border – A Complete Guide

panama border

We traveled from Costa Rica to Panama as a way of taking four-night night vacation in Bocas del Toro. Neither Thomas or I had ever done the whole Central America border crossing thing before so we were a little nervous (OK a lotta nervous). Along the way, we learned all about crossing the border from […]

The Ultimate Carry-On Packing List

carry-on packing list

If you’re anything like me, you hate long flights. To make myself a little more relaxed and comfortable while flying I rely on these 29 must-have carry-on packing list essentials to make my flying days run smoothly. OK, let’s get to the carry-on packing list….. CARRY-ON PACKING LIST – BURT’S BEES FACIAL CLEANSING TOWELETTES When flying […]

The Complete Costa Rica Packing List for Men


Costa Rica is filled with over a dozen microclimates, which means tons of different weather! The beaches tend to be crazy hot and sticky and the mountains are cool and rainy. Of course, Costa Rica also has a rainy season which is different depending on which coast you are on….Basically packing for Costa Rica means […]

Costa Rica on a Budget – 15 Money Saving Tips

I’m not going to lie and say that Costa Rica is a cheap country because it isn’t. As far as Central America goes, Costa Rica is the most expensive country to travel. That being said, it is possible to travel in Costa Rica on a budget while still participating in amazing activities and not skimping of […]

FREE Apps for Costa Rica Travel that You Must Have

apps for costa rica

While traveling in Costa Rica we depend a lot on our phones, especially when it comes to transportation. Over time we have narrowed down a list of our favorite must-have free apps for Costa Rica travel. These apps will help your vacation in Costa Rica go smoothly and plus they don’t cost any money, so […]