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monteverde night walk - taratula

Monteverde Night Walk – Is it Worth a Visit?

Last time we were in Monteverde we spontaneously decided to go on a night walk. If you don’t know, there are several companies which host a Monteverde night walk and you are almost guaranteed to see lots of animals. We were a bit hesitant about it because we are pretty tired and it had been

envision festival

How to Prepare for Envision Festival in Costa Rica

Roll call! Who’s going to Envision festival in Costa Rica this year? We’ll be there and we’d love to meet up. We are super excited to have the full experience of this amazing festival and share it with all of you. If this is your first time attending Envision, or even your first time in

sun in costa rica

The Sun in Costa Rica and How to Protect Yourself

There is nothing better than a nice beach vacation filled with tons of sun. I totally agree with you on that, I mean, how could I not? However, the sun in Costa Rica is not to be messed with. This sun is the real deal ya’ll. Here is everything you need to know about the

playa avellena

Playa Avellanas – The Perfect Beach Guide

We visited Playa Avellanas recently as a spontaneous trip from Tamarindo. I had been wanting to visit Lola’s beach bar on Playa Avellanas for awhile after seeing the beautiful pictures of it on TripAdvisor. Thomas was looking for a relaxed place we could get some lunch away from the craziness of downtown Tamarindo, so I suggested

tortuguero pic

Tortuguero National Park – A Complete Guide to Visiting

Tortuguero is one of our absolute favorite places in all of Costa Rica. We are total fangirls of the vibe here. Part of what makes Tortuguero so amazing is the Tortuguero National Park. This national park is very different from other national parks in Costa Rica because most of the parkland is actually along the

food costa rica

How to Eat on a Budget in Costa Rica

Unfortunately, one of the most expensive things about your travels in Costa Rica will be food. That stuff is expensive here! See, every food item which is imported has a 30% import tax. That means anything which is not produced in Costa Rica is crazy pricey in comparison to what you are probably used to. To

off the beaten path costa rica

Off The Beaten Path Costa Rica – The Coolest Spots

People have caught on to the fact that Costa Rica is an amazing paradise which needs to be visited. That means more crowds at the previously empty destinations. Costa Rica definitely still needs to be on your bucket list, but if you want to escape the crowds you should head to off the beaten path

costa rica nicaragua

How to Cross the Costa Rica Nicaragua Border

In July we went from Costa Rica to Nicaragua for seven nights. It turned out to be amazing, but we were super nervous about crossing the Costa Rica Nicaragua border. After a nightmarish experience crossing from Costa Rica into Panama, we were dreading the whole thing. Instead, it turned out to be surprisingly easy, mostly because

fishing costa rica

How to Go Fishing in Costa Rica on a Budget

Fishing in Costa Rica is one of those must do adventure activities, but unfortunately, it can be really expensive to go out deep sea fishing. I’m taking several hundred dollars for a few hours. Thomas is all about some fishing which means that no matter where we go he brings his fishing poles and is trying to

treehouse costa rica

Four Treehouses in Costa Rica That You Can Stay In

Since we moved to Costa Rica it has been on our bucket list to sleep in treehouses in Costa Rica. There are so many cool ones available for travelers to stay in at various price points throughout the country! As a child, I was obsessed with the book The Swiss Family Robinson. Yes, I was that