Costa Rica SIM or eSIM Card: The Best Data Options in 2024

Costa Rica SIM or eSIM Card: The Best Data Options in 2024

How to stay connected while traveling

There are four good options for staying connected while traveling in Costa Rica. These are.....

This is Our #1 Choice to Stay Connected in Costa Rica. We suggest Airalo eSIM as the best eSIM option for Costa Rica

eSIM from Airalo

An eSIM operates entirely in a digital format.  This allows you to buy, install, and activate a mobile service plan before you even leave for your vacation.

How Does an eSIM Work?

– You have a cell phone that is eSIM compatible. – You want affordable data packages and reliable coverage. – You want to have everything set up before arriving in Costa Rica.

Who is an eSIM for?

We work exclusively with Adobe Rent-a-Car for car rental in Costa Rica. Rent through us and you will save 10% plus get many other perks.

2. Portable WIFI Router from Adobe-Rent-a-Car

Adobe offers portable WIFI router rentals for the length of your car rental.  If you book through us you will only need to pay for the first 10 days. Any additional days are free.

Your cell phone service provider from home may have an international plan option at an additional fee.

3. Use an International Plan from Your Cell Phone Provider

Buy a local Costa Rican SIM card from a local service provider. In the past, this was what we suggested to people However, many people have had issues making this work.

4. Buy a SIM Card in Costa Rica

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