How to Guarantee You See Sloths in Costa Rica

How to Guarantee You See Sloths in Costa Rica

Because what is a trip to Costa Rica without a sloth encounter?

Have you ever seen a sloth in real life?  If not, they are as cute, unique, and fascinating as you probably imagine. Sloths in Costa Rica can be spotted all over the country.

In Costa Rica, you can find two species of sloths.  These are Hoffman’s two-toed sloths and the Brown-throated sloth (a three-toed sloth).

Types of Sloths in Costa Rica

It is possible to find sloths anywhere. However, you will usually have the best luck seeing sloths in their natural environment at national parks.

Where to See Sloths in Costa Rica

Sometimes sloths can be very high up in the trees. Hiring a guide at the national parks will help guarantee you see them.  Also, pack some pocket binoculars.

To guarantee that you will definitely see a sloth you can always opt to visit a wildlife rescue center. There are several throughout the country.

Sloths are scared of humans. Please do not try to touch them. This can be very distressing to them.

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