How Many Days Do You Need in Costa Rica?

How Many Days Do You Need in Costa Rica?

Trip planning tips for travel length of time

Costa Rica is such a beautiful Central America destination.  There is so much to do here that you should spend at least one week in this country.

With less than one week, it is best to visit one destination and take day trips. Manuel Antonio is a good option for this.

Less Than One Week in Costa Rica

One week is the perfect amount of time to visit one beach and one jungle destination.

One Week in Costa Rica

La Fortuna or Monteverde are good for jungle. Manuel Antonio is good for beaches.

With two weeks in Costa Rica you can visit 3 to 4 destinations and have more time soak in the tropical vibes.

Two Weeks in Costa Rica

There are two international airports in Costa Rica.  The San Jose Airport is centrally located and Liberia Airport is in the northwest corner of the country.

Keep in Mind

It is always possible to fly into one airport and out of the other for a better travel itinerary and route.

Also, driving distances may appear close on a map, but they can take a lot longer than expected.

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