All of Your Costa Rica Car Rental Questions Answered

All of Your Costa Rica Car Rental Questions Answered

And info on the scams you need to watch out for

Q: I am spending one week in Costa Rica. Should I rent a car?

A: Typically, yes. Having a car will make it easier for you to get between locations and will give you more flexibility.

However, you likely don't need a car if: - You are staying in a resort - You plan on staying in one town and want to book day tours with transportation

Q: Should I rent a 4x4 vehicle in Costa Rica?

A: For most popular destinations it is not necessary to rent a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Q: Is rental car insurance required in Costa Rica?

A: Yes, there are two mandatory rental car insurances in Costa Rica. These are Liability Protection and Car Protection.

Liability Protection covers basic damages to third parties property up to $20,000 and basic coverage of third party injury or death up to $100,000.

Car Protection covers: -Direct car damages, collision, and rollover -Total or partial theft of the rental car

Q: What do I need to watch out for when renting a car?

A: A lot of third party sites don't list the insurance requirements when you rent. That means, often people get hit with a much higher car rental charge than they expect when they arrive in Costa Rica.

Q: What is the best car rental company in Costa Rica?

A: Everyone will have a different opinion on that, but we personally are loyal to Adobe Rent-a-Car.

We have a discount with Adobe for you. This discount includes: - A 10% Discount  - Free Second Driver  - Free Roof Racks to Use  - 0% Deductible – This applies to Liability Protection insurance. - Discounted Smartphone with Unlimited Data - Free Booster Seat and/or Car Seat - Discounted GPS

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