Whale Watching in Costa Rica

Whale Watching in Costa Rica

All the best places and times of year to see Humpback whales migrating

The best time to see them is from July until November when the Antarctica Humpbacks arrive.

The Best Time of Year to See Whales in Costa Rica

The best place to see Humpback Whales in Costa Rica is along the Osa Peninsula, specifically the town of Uvita.

The Best Places to See Whales in Costa Rica

This is kind of ironic because Uvita is also home to this unique land feature that resembles a whale tale.

There are several companies in Uvita which offer whale watching tours. These tours often also include snorkeling and possible dolphin sightings as well.

Taking a Whale Watching Tour

This time of year also happens to be the rainiest time of  year. It is goa good idea to pack rain gear.

What to Bring/ Wear for Whale Watching

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