How to Get to Tortuguero, Costa Rica

How to Get to Tortuguero, Costa Rica

There are 6 different transportation options....

Tortuguero is a bit different than a lot of towns in Costa Rica because it is not directly accessible by car or shuttle.  Yeap, there are no cars in this village! The 6 best ways to get here are....

Drive your rental car to the La Pavones parking lot and take the water taxi to Tortuguero.  Best for: People who want the flexibility of having a car for onward travel plan

Option #1: Rental Car & Boat

These transfers will take you by shuttle and boat to  Tortuguero. Best For: Solo travelers or couples who don’t want the stress of driving or the price of flying.

Option #2: Shared Transfer

Best For: People who would like the fastest and easiest route. Not on a tight budget. Sansa Airlines has direct flights to the Tortuguero from San Jose Airport daily.

Option #3: Flight

If this all seems a bit overwhelming to you, you might want to consider taking a multi-day tour to Tortuguero from San Jose.

Option #4: Packaged Tours to Tortuguero

With a private transfer, you will take a comfortable bus just for your group to La Pavona. From La Pavona you will need to organize the boat on your own.

Option #5: Private Transfer

If on a tight budget it is possible to get to the La Pavona dock by local bus. However, there is no direct route and it can get a bit complicated.

Option #6: Public Bus to La Pavona from San Jose

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