7 Things to Do in Nosara, Costa Rica

Visit the Town of Samara

Samara is a beach town located about 30 minutes south of Nosara. This town is a bit more bustling than Nosara and is popular with families.


Go Beach Hopping

Just drive along the coastal roads and you will see plenty of small side roads leading to remote beautiful beaches.


Watch the Sunset

The sun sets year-round between 5:15 and 6pm. The best way to enjoy this is by heading to one of the many beautiful beaches in the area to enjoy the show daily.


Take a Yoga Class

There are several ypga studios in Nosara. You can also skip the class and enjoy your own peaceful yoga session on the beach


See Thousands of Sea Turtles

Playa Ostional is a beachfront national park that aims to protect sea turtle nesting. This area is a nesting ground for Olive Ridley sea turtles.


Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding along the Nosara beaches is the perfect peaceful way to enjoy the waves crashing and the beautiful landscape.


Go Surfing

The most popular activity in Nosara is surfing.  The beaches here boast consistent waves that create an unbeatable surfing experience.


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