Pros and Cons of  Visiting Tambor, Costa Rica

Is this beach town where you should go for your next vacation?  Let's find out!

Tambor is located on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica along the Pacific Coast.

Where is Tambor, Costa Rica?

The beaches in Tambor are nice, but you can also easily get to Montezuma or Santa Teresa beaches.

#3 Pro of Tambor 

The Town is Near Beautiful Beaches

It will take about 4  to 5 hours to drive here from the San Jose Airport.

#3 Con of Tambor

It is Somewhat Remote

Tambor is home to one of the few golf courses in the country. This is at Los Delfines Golf & Country Club

#2 Pro of Tambor

There is a Golf Course Here

This area is known for high end boutique hotels. It is hard to find budget friendly places.

#2 Con of Tambor 

Limited Accommodation Options

Despite being a remote location, Ojochal is home to several amazing restaurants.

#1 Pro of Tambor 

There is a Domestic Airport Here

This area is great for relaxing among nature and visiting beaches, but there are less things to do than other big towns.

#1 Con of Tambor

Lack of Things to Do

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