Is It Worth Visiting Tamarindo, Costa Rica?

Is It Worth Visiting Tamarindo, Costa Rica?

Here Is what we wish we had known before traveling here

Tamarindo is an active beach tourism town located just 1.5 hours from an international airport on the northwest Pacific Coast.

Where is Tamarindo,  Costa Rica?

This is a very popular surfing destination. It is possible to take lessons if you are  a beginner or rent a board if you are more experienced. 

The Most Popular Things to Do in Tamarindo Are...

- Relax on the beach - Go horseback riding - Rent an ATV - Go beach hopping - Chill at a beach bar

Other Things to Do in Tamarindo Include...

We also love this area for the amazing sunsets.  Get dinner early around 5:30 to enjoy a meal with a sunset  view.

It is warm here year round. For completely dry weather it is best to visit between January and the end of April.

The Weather in Tamarindo

This area has it all from hostels to resorts to boutique hotels.  You can find the perfect place based on your budget and needs. 

Tamarindo Hotels

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