Should You Take A Shuttle for Travel in Costa Rica?

Should You Take A Shuttle for Travel in Costa Rica?

Here are the pros and cons and best deals throughout the country

A shuttle service gets you to your destination via comfortable vans with experienced drivers. It is possible to book a private transfer service  or a shared shuttle service.

What is a Shuttle Service?

– You are staying at a resort – You are hesitant about driving – You are traveling with a large group.  – You are a solo traveler and renting a car is too pricey

When to Take a Shuttle Service?

– You prefer having your own car for exploring. – You get car sick easily. Some roads in Costa Rica are really curvy.  – If you are on a really tight budget public buses are better.

Don't Take a Shuttle If...

Our favorite company for private transfer services in Costa Rica is Adobe Transfers. Swipe up for a price quote.

Book a Private Transfer

Our favorite way to search for shared shuttle services is on the Bookaway website. Swipe up to check it out.

Book a Shared Shuttle

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