Samara, Costa Rica At a Glance

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Samara is located on the Nicoya Peninsula in the north west corner of the country on the Pacific Coast.

Where is Samara, Costa Rica?

- Rent kayaks - Go swimming - Visit nearby beaches - Go snorkeling - Horseback ride on the beach

The Best Things to Do in Samara

The dry season  is from late December until late April. This is also the busiest time of year. From May through July there will be afternoon rains for an hour or 2. From August until December it can be very wet.

Samara Weather and Climate

The temperature is usually in the mid 80°F in the day and dips to about  70° F at night. Year-round the sun rises between 5:15 and 5:45am and sets between 5:30 and 6:00pm. Basically, it's perfect!

Yes! Samara doesn't have a ton of things to do. However, the beach is great for families. You can easily swim here. Plus there are plenty of day trip options.

Is Samara Worth Visiting?

- If you are looking for a really small town (more like a village), head to Nosara. If you want a bit more going on, but still cute, go to Samara. - Don’t swim in any of the small rivers in Samara. There are crocodiles in some of them.

Samara Travel Tips

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