Reasons Why You Need to Visit Rio Celeste in Costa Rica

Rio Celeste is a bright blue river and waterfall located in Tenorio National Park.

Yes, it really is that bright blue!

It is one of the most beautiful things you can experience in Costa Rica. 

The waterfall is located an hour north of La Fortuna. You can drive and pay the entrance fee to enjoy the hike on your own,

You Don't Need a Tour to Visit Here

You are not able to swim in the national park, but drive down the street to this bridge and you can swim.

You Can Swim in the River for Free

Don't ask me the whole chemistry behind it, but in the park you can see where the rivers meet to create the bright blue color. 

You Can See Where the Two Rivers Meet

Don't expect to see larger animals, but you can often see frogs and cool insects. 

You Can Sometimes Spot Widllife Here

Ready to visit Rio Celeste Waterfall? Swipe up for the planning guide It's so beautiful and definitely worth a stop on your Costa Rica vacation!