What Does the Phrase  "Pura Vida" Mean? 

What Does the Phrase  "Pura Vida" Mean? 

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Directly translated Pura Vida means pure life.  In Costa Rica the term Pura Vida is used more to say that everything is great, life is good, and nothing is worth getting stressed out over.

– It is normal to use the words as a greeting. – It is used to emphasize that something is not a big deal. Example: “My day was really stressful. Oh well! Pura Vida.”

When is the Phrase Used?

– You can use it if someone asks how you are.   Example: A: “Hi. How are you?” B: “Pura Vida” – You can use it if someone is apologizing. Example: A: “I’m so sorry I'm late!" B: “Pura Vida!”

The phrase is pronounced “poo-rah vee-dah”

How Is Pura Vida Pronounced?

– Take on fewer commitments. - Try to look at things with a positive mindset. - Spend time with family and friends

How can I Adopt a Pura Vida Costa Rica Lifestyle?

Did you know that Costa Rica is home to a Blue Zone? This means there is an area here where people live longer than anywhere else. A big part of that is because of the happy Pura Vida mindset.

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