Pavones, Costa Rica Is One of the Best Surfing Destinations in the World

Is this remote beach village where you should go for your next vacation?  Let's find out!

Pavones is located on the Pacific Coast near the Pabama border.

Where is Pavones, Costa Rica?

This beach is home to one of the longest left hooks in the world. When there is a double overhead swell it is possible to have up to two minute long rides. 

The Surf in Pavones

You can expect hot and dry weather from the end of December until April or May. This is Costa Rica’s dry season.

Pavones Weather and Climate

In late April, the rainy season begins. During the rainy season, there are afternoon rainstorms every day. From September until December the weather becomes unpredictable. with more rain.

This area is very remote and difficult to get to. I recommend it mostly to surfing enthusaists.

Is Pavones Worth Visiting?

- The easiest way to get here is by domestic flight. - Bring cash if you come here. Most places don't take card. - There are lots of bugs and fun wildlife like scorpions.

Pavones Travel Tips

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