Pros and Cons of  Visiting Ojochal, Costa Rica

Is this remote beach town where you should go for your next vacation?  Let's find out!

Ojochal is located on the south Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. It is just south of the bigger town of Uvita.

Where is Ojochal, Costa Rica?

Check out Playa Uvita, Arco Beach, Playa Piñuelas, Playa Ventanas, and Playa Tortuga.

#3 Pro of Ojochal 

The Beaches are Amazing

It will take about 4  to 5 hours to drive here from the San Jose Airport.

#3 Con of Ojochal 

It is Somewhat Remote

This is a good plus to see humpback whales. The best time of year for this this is in September.

#2 Pro of Ojochal 

You Can Go Whale Watching Here

This area is known for high end boutique hotels. It is hard to find budget friendly places.

#2 Con of Ojochal 

Limited Accommodation Options

Despite being a remote location, Ojochal is home to several amazing restaurants.

#1 Pro of Ojochal 

Delicious Restaurants

This area is great for relaxing among nature and visiting beaches, but there are less things to do than other big towns.

#1 Con of Ojochal 

Lack of Things to Do

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