Nosara Costa Rica Seven Amazing Thing to Do in the Area

Go Surfing


Surfing is the most popular activity in this area. This is best for more advanced surfers but beginners will also be able find spots.

Visit Ostional


Ostional is a nearby beach which is a common area for turtles to lay their eggs. It's amazing!

Ostional Vibes

Practice Yoga


Nosara is a popular town for yoga classes and retreats.

Go Horseback Riding


This is the perfect place to take a leisurely horseback riding tour on the beach.

Go Beach Hopping


There are several beaches near Nosara that you can visit. Just pull down the small side roads and enjoy.

Nearby Beaches

Enjoy the Sunset


Almost every night you will be treated to beautiful sunsets on the Nosara beaches.

Nosara Sunset Vibes

Just Relax


You are on vacation! Sometimes the best thing to do is soak in some pure tropical relaxation. Nosara is a great place to chill out.

Are you ready to plan your trips to this tropical paradise?