Montezuma Costa Rica Seven Reasons Why You've Need to Visit!

The Beaches Are Beautiful and Empty


In Montezuma, you can walk for hours along pristine beaches that you will likely have all to yourself

During the beach walk you will see.....

A waterfall ↑

You may also see baby turtles ↓

You Can Walk to an Impressive Waterfall


The Montezuma waterfall consists of several cascading falls that you can even swim under.

There is a Fun Hanging Bridge Walk


Walk along a series of impressive hanging bridges to get to the Montezuma Waterfall

You Can Take a Day Trip to A Tropical Island


From Montezuma you can take a day tour to the white sand beach island of Isla Tortuga. This tour also includes snorkeling and lunch.

Isla Tortuga Vibes

You Can Hike at Cabo Blanco Reserve


The hike at Cabo Blanco is intense, but you will be rewarded with wildlife and a beautiful beach

The Beach at Cabo Blanco

You Can Visit a Butterfly Garden and Brewery


Butterfly Brewery has delicious craft beers and a butterfly garden that you can tour. If you want, you can even drink your beer among the butterflies.

It is Possible to Go Bioluminescent Kayaking


Near Montezuma it is possible to see bioluminescence year round. Plan a kayak trip during a new moon for the best visibility.

Are you ready to plan your trips to this tropical paradise?

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