How to See Wildlife  in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve  in Costa Rica

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in Costa Rica is a protected area consists of several hiking trails, a waterfall, and an impressive suspension bridge.

This area is unique because it is a cloud forest. There is almost constantly a drizzle of rain and a moody cloudy environmemt. 

The best ways to see wildlife in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve are by....

Most of the wildlife is most active in the morning. Plus, you'll beat the crowds of other travelers. 

Arrive at the Park Early in the Morning

The guides know exactly where the wildlife hangs out. Plus they carry telescopic lenses so you can get a good view of hard to spot animals.

Hire a Guide

The cafe next to the reserve has tons of hummingbird feeders outside. Enjoy a coffee and  some hummingbird viewing.

Visit Cafe Colibri

It is also possible to take a guided evening tour. This is a great way to see night active wildlife in Montevrde, 

Take a Night Tour

Hummingbirds, monkeys, quetzals, frogs, snakes, coati, ocelots, and so much more!

Some of the Animals You Can See in Monteverde Include...

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