Are You Debating Between Costa Rica VS. Mexico For Your Next Vacation?

Are You Debating Between Costa Rica VS. Mexico For Your Next Vacation?

Here's what you need to know to make a decision

Mexico is south of the United States and north of Guatemala/ Belize.  Costa Rica is between Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south.

Mexico vs Costa Rica on a Map

This depends on the time of year and the specific regions you would like to visit. Typically, Mexico has more consistent weather.

Costa Rica vs. Mexico Weather

In Costa Rica there are more animals in a condensed area. For viewing marine life, Mexico is the better option. 

Costa Rica vs Mexico Wildlife

Winner: Mexico. The landscape is much more diverse, but the country is also wayyyyy bigger than Costa Rica.

Costa Rica vs Mexico Landscape

Winner: Overall, Mexico is more affordable than Costa Rica in all categories.

Costa Rica vs Mexico Cost

Winner: This is a tie. Costa Rica leans more towards eco-tourism and adventure. Mexico provides more opportunities for history and  culture. 

Fun Things to Do in Costa Rica and Mexico

- You are a nature enthusiast - You’re looking for a peaceful, laid-back atmosphere - You’re a fan of adventure activitie

Costa Rica Is Best If...

– You like history and culture – You are a foodie.  – You want a budget resort experience – You are interested in cities – You are a tropical beach lover.

Mexico is Best for You If...

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