Mal Pais, Costa Rica: Coastal Paradise

There is a reason celebs like Gisele Bündchen have homes in the beach village

Here you can experience raw natural beauty, relaxing vibes,  Despite the calm vibes, it is an easy drive to Santa Teresa or Montezuma.

Mal Pais at a Glance

Mal Pais Costa Rica is located on the Nicoya Peninsula between Montezuma and Santa Teresa. 

Where is Mal Pais?

The best way to get here is by driving from the Liberia Airport. From the San Jose Airport you can drive and take the ferry to get here. 

How to Get to Mal Pais

- Go surfing - Go fishing - Hike at Cabo Blanco - Visit the Montezuma Waterfall

The Best Things to Do in Mal Pais

The weather tends to be warm year round.  The dry season runs from January until April.  During the rainy season you can expect afternoon rainstorms and some wash out days.

The Weather in Mal Pais

This is a remote area, but there are a few very good restaurants. Alternatively, Santa Teresa is a 10 minute drive away and has TONS of restaurant options. 

Mal Pais Restaurants

Casa Chameleon is the nicest hotel here.  Some of the best places to stay are vacation rentals on Airbnb.

Mal Pais Hotels

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