Ways to Experience Lake Arenal  in Costa Rica

Ways to Experience Lake Arenal  in Costa Rica

You've got to try out these awesome things!

Lake Arenal is an impressive made made lake that provides the foreground for the Arenal Volcano. It is incredibly beautiful!

5. Go WindSurfing or Kitesurfing

This lake is the best place to windsurf or kitesurf in the country. The best time of year for strong wind is during the dry season (December through April).

4. Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding

If you are a stand-up paddle boarding lover or even if it is your first time, this is a great place to try this activity.

3. Check Out the View Points

As you drive around the lake there are several impressive viewpoints with views of Lake Arenal and Arenal Volcano.

2. Take a Guided Kayaking Tour

This fun tour is perfect for all kayak skill levels. It is a leisurely paddle with a guide on the lake.

1. Go Zip Lining

One of the best ways to enjoy views of the lake and volcano is with an adrenaline-pumping zip-lining adventure.

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