How to Plan the Perfect Visit to the La Fortuna Waterfall in Costa Rica

The La Fortuna waterfall, also known as Catarata la Fortuna, is one of the most widely visited natural sites in Costa Rica.  This waterfall is about 75 meters high and you can often swim under it. 

The La Fortuna Waterfall is located in the town of La Fortuna. This is the most popular jungle town to visit in the country.  It is somewhat centrally located between both international airport

The waterfall is located just a few minutes away from the downtown area of La Fortuna. You can easily drive with a rental car and visit on your own. 

You Don't Need a Tour to Visit Here

Arenal Mundo Zip Lining Company is located just next to the falls. Their zip lining adventures offer epic views of the waterfall. 

It Is Possible to Zip Line with Views of the Falls

To get down to the base of the waterfall and back up again you will need to be in decent physical condition. The walk involves going down and up 500 steps. It is well paved and maintained.

The Walk to The Falls Base is Tricky

Depending on the water level on that particular day, you may be able to swim under the waterfall.  If not, you can always swim in the stream next to the falls. 

You Can Swim Under the Waterfall

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