7 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Costa Rica

All Beaches have public access

By law, all beaches need to be accessible to the public. That means the Caribbean and Pacific coasts are open for all your enjoyment


The dry season is the most expensive time to visit

The dry season on the Pacific and in the central region runs from late December until the end of April.


There are no addresses here

If you need to input a destination into your GPS, look  for the name of the place or a nearby attraction.


Try traditional Costa Rican cuisine

Have you ever eaten Gallo Pinto? What about a casado? Ceviche? You've got to try them while visiting.


There are two international airports in Costa Rica

They are Liberia Airport in the northwest and San Jose Airport in the central region


The sun here is crazy strong

Don’t forget that Costa Rica is not too far from the Equator. If possible, we suggest bringing sunscreen with you from your home country.


You will need to relax

Costa Ricans live by the mantra "Pura Vida."  It is used to mean "It's all good." Life is relaxed here, so you will need to relax as well.


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