Irazú Volcano National Park in Costa Rica

How to Plan the Perfect Visit

Irazú Volcano is the highest volcano in Costa Rica standing at 11,260 feet above sea level.  It is not unusual to be above the clouds when looking out from the summit.

Opening Hours: 8:00 am until 3:30 pm every day including holidays. Cost$15 USD per adult. $5 USD for kids. LocationAbove the town of Cartago in the Central Valley  Best Time to Visit: Dry Season (mid-December through mid-April) and early in the morning

Is Irazu an active volcano?

It is still considered an active volcano.  However, there has not been much seismic activity here since a one-day-long eruption in 1994.

Do I need to pre-book park tickets?

You do not need to book your tickets ahead of time.   However, there is a chance they could make you wait until someone leaves if the park is overly full.

What should I bring and wear?

Wear layers because it can be cold up here.  Bring electrolytes and lots of water. The high altitude can be hard on your body.

What else should I know?

These little cuties pictured above like to steal food. If you bring a picnic, keep a close eye on it.

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