Are You Interested in the Meaning and History Behind  Costa Rica's Flag?

History of the Costa Rican Flag

The first flag of Costa Rica consisted of two light blue horizontal stripes with a white stripe in the center. A coat of arms was in the center of the white stripe. .

On September 29, 1848, the First Lady Pacífica Fernández Oreamuno recommended that a red band be added to the center flag and that the blue bands become darker.

She was an admirer of the French Revolution and liked the symbolism associated with the colors of the French flag. So, Costa Rica’s flag is virtually the same colors as the French national flag.

The Symbolism of Costa Rican Flag

Blue: This top and bottom stripe of blue stands for the the blue skies, endless opportunities, and intellectual pursuits.

White: The white stripes signify clarity of thought, wisdom, and peace, which are central to Costa Rica’s identity. It’s a color that also symbolizes happiness and the beauty of the sky.

Red: The broad central red stripe stands for the warmth and openness of the Costa Rican people, their love for life, and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of freedom.

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