Costa Rica Travel Budget: What You Can Expect to Spend

Cost of Hotels in Costa RIca Hotels start at about $50 per night in Costa Rica and go up from there Resorts start at about $300 a night.

For a budget friendly stay, opt for a hostel. A bed in a shared room will run about $20 a night.

Cost of Rental Car in Costa RIca For a 4×4 SUV for one week in the high season expect to spend about $1,200 In the low season expect to spend about $600

Cost of Food from Grocery Store in Costa RIca A carton of milk: About $2.50 A stick of butter: About $2.75 A bag of pasta: $1.50 A head of lettuce: $0.75

Cost of Restaurants Costa RIca A main course at an average restaurant will cost about $20.

Cost of National Parks Costa RIca National Park admission is usually about $15 per person for adults. This varies by park.

Cost of Surf Lessons in Costa RIca Surf lessons typically cost between $50 and $65 for a two-hour lesson

Cost of Zip Lining in Costa RIca Prices tend to range from about $50 to $90 for a zip line experience in Costa Rica

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