5 Best Ways to Save Money Traveling in Costa Rica

5 Best Ways to Save Money Traveling in Costa Rica

without skimping on amazing vibes

The busiest and most expensive time is from mid-December until early May. Instead, travel in May through August for lower rates and (usually) decent weather.

#1 Travel at Off-Peak Time

There is no shortage of hotel options throughout the country. Book your hotels and rental car as early as possible to get the best options at a reasonable rate.

#2 Book Early

Although US dollars are widely accepted, you’ll usually get a better rate if you pay in colones.

#3 Pay in Colones

The currency exchange counters do not give good exchange rates.  It is best to exchange money at your bank before traveling or at an ATM in Costa Rica. .

#4 Don't Exchange Money at the Airport

If you want to stick to a tight budget, do as the Ticos do.  Have a picnic on the beach, go swimming in the rivers or under a waterfall, and cook your meals. 

#4 Embrace the Costa Rica Vibe

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