Do you know about the Costa Rica rental car scam?

What We Wish We Knew Before Renting a Car

In Costa Rica, there are some rental car companies that will scam you into spending a lot more than you planned.

It is always best to book a car directly from a company in Costa Rica. Third party booking sites often don't include the added insurance.

What to Look Out For

There are two mandatory rental car insurance in Costa Rica. One is called Liability Insurance and one is called Car Protection.

What Insurance?

Some companies leave out these mandatory insurance fees when you reserve online. Then you are hit with huge charges when you arrive in Costa Rica to pick up your car

After some bad experiences we discovered a local company called Adobe Rent a Car.  We've had amazing experiences with them.

What Can You Do?

The price you are quoted with Adobe is always the total price. Plus, you can forgo paying the Car Protection if your credit card covers you for it

Renting a car for your travels in Costa Rica is the absolute best way to get around.

Should You Rent a Car?

Adobe has given us a 10% discount plus other great perks to pass on to you. Just click the link in this slide!

No matter which company you use, always make sure the price listed is the total price when you rent a car in Costa Rica.

And Dont Forget....

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