Costa Rica Passes Digital Nomad Visa 

It's Your Chance to Move to Paradise!

To be approved you need to show.....

– Proof that you have a steady income of at least $3,000 per month. – A medical insurance policy  – You will need to pay the one-time application and processing fee.

The Visa Includes some Benefits such as.....

– All visa holders will be able to stay in the country for up one year.  – You will be exempt from paying local income taxes. 

– You will be able to open a Costa Rican bank account. – You may use your driver’s license to drive in Costa Rica.

Many Airbnb's in Costa Rica have discounts for stays over one month long. It is also possible to find short term apartments.

Where to Stay

To get between destinations we suggest using busses and private shuttles. Renting a car and taxis are great for daily transportation.

How to Get Around

WIFI is decent throughout the country. Most big towns have co-working spaces if needed.

Internet Usage for Work

How to Apply

Details have yet to come out regarding the application process.  We will update the full guide as new info emerges.