What is it Like to Go Cross the Border of Costa Rica and Panama?

Here's what you can expect on the Caribbean Coast

You will want to cross the border on the Caribbean side if: – You are traveling between the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica and Panama City, Panama. – You are traveling to Bocas del Toro, Panama

The most stress-free way to cross the border is with an all-inclusive transfer. Our favorite company for this is Caribe Shuttle.

The border crossing experience can make for a very long day. Be prepared with sun protection, water, and snacks.

Costa Rica is one hour behind Panama. If it is 9am in Costa Rica it is 10am in Panama.

Safety needs to be your number one concern on the border. Keep a close eye on your belongings and spend as little time on the border as possible.

The border control officers are very strict with entry requirements. Make sure you have your passport and a return flight to your home country.

Want all the tips for crossing between Costa Rica and Panama? Swipe up for advice from a couple who has done this many times.

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