The Ultimate Costa Rican Packing List for Women

The Ultimate Costa Rican Packing List for Women

Bathing Suits

Bring at least one two-piece bathing suit for beach chilling and one one-piece for water adventure sports

A water shirt

The sun is strong in Costa Rica. A UV blocking shirt that is breathable and fast drying is a must have.

Short sleeve Shirts

A few really casual shirts for adventures and a few dressy shirts for nice dinners or days out in town

Long Sleeve Shirt

Bring at least one or two long sleeve shirts or cardigans, especially if you plan on heading to the mountains


A few pairs of shorts that are easy and comfortable to move around in. Fast drying ones are best.

Rain Jacket

During the rainy season, it rains almost every day here. A lightweight one that can fold up small in your suitcase is best.

Sun Glasses

With the strong sun you’ll definitely want sunglasses, especially on the beach

Sunscreen & Bug Spray

Costa Rica is really close to the equator. That means the sun is really strong. Mosquitos are bad once the sun goes down.

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