Should You Visit Costa Rica or Panama?

Should You Visit Costa Rica or Panama?

Both countries have their pros and cons, but one is the clear winner.

Costa Rica experiences more variation in the weather across the seasons.  Panama has more stable weather.

Costa Rica vs. Panama Weather

Overall, Costa Rica provides more opportunities to see wildlife such as sloths and monkeys.

Costa Rica vs Panama Wildlife

Both countries offer a rich landscape. There is plenty of variety between beaches, jungle, and mountains.

Costa Rica vs Panama Landscape

Overall, Panama is more budget-friendly than Costa Rica when it comes to hotels, restaurants, activities, and transportation.

Costa Rica vs Panama Cost

Fun Activities to Do in Costa Rica and Panama

Costa Rica takes the win on this one due to the wide range of activities available in almost every town.

- You are a nature enthusiast. - You want a lot of activities in a small area - You are not looking for a metropolitan city

Costa Rica is best for you if:

- You love exploring the vibrant urban life - You are on a tight budget. - You want to find a place with very few tourists

Panama is best for you if:

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