Should  You Visit Costa Rica or Hawaii?

Both places have their charms, but one is the clear destination winner.

 Costa Rica is part of Central America. It shares a land border with Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. Hawaii is made up of several islands in the North Pacific Ocean.

Winner: Hawaii is the better destination for more even and consistent weather.

Costa Rica vs. Hawaii Weather

Winner: For sea life, Hawaii is the best.  For land animals, Costa Rica is the best place to visit. 

Costa Rica vs Hawaii Wildlife

Winner: Hawaii wins as far as landscape. Mainly because the views are just so dramatic.

Costa Rica vs Mexico Landscape

Winner: Overall, Costa Rica is more affordable than Hawaii in all categories

Costa Rica vs Hawaii Cost

Winner: Costa Rica has more variety in things to do. However, if you want great hiking or water activities, Hawaii is definitely the winner.

Fun Activities to Do in Costa Rica and Hawaii

- You’re looking for a more adventure-filled vacation with zip lining, whitewater rafting and waterfall rappelling -You are trying to stick to a budget

Costa Rica is best for you if:

– You would like a more traditional beach vacation - You would like to stay in the US - You would like more intense hiking opportunities

Hawaii is best for you if:

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