Costa Rica Weather in November What to Expect if Visiting

Here is what you can expect from the weather in Costa Rica in November by region....

Caribbean Coast Showers can be frequent, but it’s hard to predict when. Sometimes it might rain all day. Sometimes it might rain all night. Sometimes it might not rain at all. 

Central Valley The mornings in the Central Valley are usually bright and sunny in November.  The afternoons might see some rainfall, but it’s usually light and short

Central Pacific This area transitions from the rainy to the dry season in November. The rain is tapering off, making way for more sunny days and blue skies. 

Osa Peninsula This area tends to have a more extended green season. Occasional showers, especially in the afternoons, are still possible.

Guanacaste Province Guanacaste notoriously has the driest weather in the country.  You might experience some rain in the first half of the month.

Northern Mountains Monteverde (being a cloud forest) can still have misty and drizzly conditions. The higher elevation means cooler temperatures.

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