Why Costa Rica Is Better Than Mexico for You Vacation

Why Costa Rica Is Better Than Mexico for You Vacation

Yes, both countries have their charms, but here are 7 reasons Costa Rica is better.

1. Better Wildlife Viewing

Costa Rica is a small country, but has tons of wildlife.  It is easy to see different animals such as sloths, monkeys, and toucans without driving for several hours..

2. Better Eco Tourism Experiences

Mexico is better for cultural activities, but Costa Rica wins when it comes to outdoor eco friendly activities throughout the country.

3. Better Raw Coastal Beauty

Mexico wins for tropical beaches with fine white sand and clear waters.  But, Costa Rica beaches have a rugged beauty to them that feels authentic.

4. Better for Beginner Surfers

Costa Rica has surf spots for more advanced surfers, but the beaches for beginner surfers are excellent. For more advanced surfing, Mexico is an awesome choice.

5. Better Boutique Hotels with Eco Vibes

If you want affordable luxury resorts, Mexico wins. However, Costa Rica cares a lot about being eco friendly and many hotels reflect that.

6. Costa Rica is Safer

With organized crime issues in Mexico, Costa Rica is typically the safer destination to visit.

7. The Spanish is a Bit Easier

Both countries have Spanish as their main language.  However, in Mexico there are many different dialects throughout the country. That isn't the case in Costa RIca.

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