Costa Rica Weather in January

What to expect throughout the country.

Here is what you can expect from the weather in Costa Rica in January by region....

Caribbean Coast January can be a month of heavy rainfall on the Caribbean coast. Short, intense showers are common, often during the late afternoon or evening.

Nicoya Peninsula Expect plenty of sunshine in January. Mornings are typically clear, with blue skies prevailing for most of the day.

Central Valley It's generally sunny and clear. Some afternoons might become partly cloudy. This area is known to have strong winds in the month of January. 

Central Pacific The temperatures are typically warm, with daytime highs ranging between 82°F to 91°F.  region can be quite humid.

Osa Peninsula This is one of the wettest regions in Costa Rica. January is within the dry season. However, occasional showers can still occur, particularly in the rainforest areas.

Guanacaste Province Rainfall is non-existent and many days are sunny from dawn to dusk.  The landscape begins to change from lush green to a drier, golden hue.

Northern Mountains In Monteverde, occasional mists and drizzles are common. La Fortuna tends to be drier but can still experience sporadic rain showers.

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