Costa Rica Grocery Stores

Costa Rica Grocery Stores

What It is like to go shopping, prices, unique products

Yes, you can always at least find  a mini market. The bigger stores are Automercado and MegaSuper.

Does Every Costa Rican Town Have a Grocery Store?

There are so many delicious specialties you should buy in Costa Rica.  These include....

What Are Some Must Buy Foods at Costa Rica Grocery Stores?

Guayabita is a popular candy here in Costa Rica. The outside is a chocolate coating and the inside is a guava flavored jelly.


Friend plantains are a tasty snack like potato chips. Usually, they are seasoned with salt.

Fried Plantains

Yuca chips are very similar to potato chips. They come in all sorts of different flavors. I personally love the sour cream and onion flavor.

Yuca Chips

You can buy pre-made tamales at almost all grocery stores. Just heat them up in boiling water, peel open the banana leaf, and they will be ready to enjoy.


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